OL Brady Ward

I got him a few seconds before he took off for the Georgia visit.

He said he had a great time getting to know the coaches and commitments.

Chandler Morris, Brandon Frazier and Mason Mangum were in his ear.

A source believes the visit went really well and his parents really like Arkansas.

I worry about the Sam Pittman factor at Georgia.

We, of all people, know his worth as an offensive line coach. With Georgia’s current resurgence into CFP level ranking, and Pittman, it’s not going to be easy to get an OL they really want away from them, I fear.

I can’t believe Brady Ward is anything but a backup plan for Georgia. Ole Sam is killing it as for OL recruiting goes, with three OT already committed.

Here is GA commitment list by 24/7
https://247sports.com/college/georgia/S … l/Commits/

and I am sure Jim Chaney is trying to find a way to get Pitt Boss to Knoxville, although the returning talent at OL is good at eOE-K. Pittman is on a roll in Athens and is in great shape for more accolades. Pittman was always the MVC of the dynamic Chaney-Pitt Boss duo to me, actual coaching and especially recruiting. Water under the bridge but the departure from his AR players spoke volumes about what kids think of him. Wish we were on the UT trajectory for recovery, but Pittman is a force to be reckoned with recruiting and he seems to have a knack to get a commitment even when his roster seems stacked. As DD points out, no recruit is afraid of competition (but PT opportunity could be the big decider for most).

Georgia won’t be an option.


Richard, what about 3 OL targets from Memphis: Chris Morris, Ray Curry, and Marcus Henderson? I haven’t heard anything about them in a while.

Last I heard Curry is a possibility. Henderson hasn’t been on Arkansas’ radar for awhile.

Morris’ situation is pretty cloudy right now. Not sure if Arkansas will be involved going forward.

Thanks Richard.

No problem.

I was at “The Opening- Nashville” (Murfreesboro) and watched Morris closely. He has an attention problem. All he wants is people to listen and laugh at him. If he wasn’t getting the attention then he was playing around. He was more of a distraction than anything else. He is good, I’ll give him that, but I think he’ll be a head case or cancer for a team.

Ray Curry is committed to Missouri at present time.
Marcus Henderson most likely destination is Ole Miss.
Chris Morris most likely destination is Texas A&M.

Don’t believe it’s totally over for Curry.

Certainly over for Curry if Arkansas receives a commitment from Garrett Hayes and Brady Ward, maybe if they receive a commitment from only one of those two.

Here is why, Arkansas roster has 16 OL including Luke Jones at this time. They lose two seniors, if they add Crawford, Hayes and Ward that put the roster at 17 for 2020, which would be %20 of their roster.


Brady said he’s working on OVs to Arkansas. Georgia and Oklahoma and a few others.

So would you say it’s actually between Ark and OU? Or is UGA in there now?

Could we pull this one ?

Of course his top two OT’s are from Georgia and the others from Florida and TX. Not like he’s going to California or Ohio/Michigan and cherry picking folks. If there’s a 5star OL in AR, I like our chances over Pittman.

I would also think Arkansas would win the recruiting battle. I have been following Arkansas recruiting for over 50 years and I can ever remember Arkansas having an O-Lineman that good. Shaun Andrews was a four star to best of my memory.

Highest rated OL we’ve had in a long time was last year, and we lost to OU.

I personally don’t want to be in a recruiting battle against pitman, he’s one of the best at his job.

Don’t think I agree.

Hope we can get Ward, seems like he’s got a lot of potential.