OKST Win over AR; what was the difference?

1.\tBetter quicker athletes and ball players
2.\tBall movement creating easy baskets or drawing files
3.\tShot better FG, threes, and FT
4.\tDefended with numbers with little fouling
5.\tWe did not block out for rebounds. They got the hustle points as well.
6.\tAR’s main problem? Slow start game after game.
7.\tDoes coaching have anything to do with any of these? Some of it, yes.
Update: AR was crippled first half due to the following Stats:
OSU had 19 free-throw attempts to 7 for AR
Points off turnover: OSU 19, AR 4
Points in paint: OSU 26, AR 14
Rebound: OSU 24, AR 12
AR came to the game sluggish and out of sort. Why?

I’m not sure files did anything :wink:

Ok State ran an offense where as Arkansas’s coach does not know how to run an offense. I not sure mike can spell offense. When all you do is pass the ball around the perimeter for 25 seconds then take what ever shot is available. I am surprised that they have won sixteen games without an offense. Man the SEC must really suck.

Then how in the hell are we just behind UK and 2nd in the SEC in scoring? Awesome 1st post, may want to post less read more

Quality analysis, there. Top notch.

Are you trying to say that the Hogs are running effective offensive sets? Or could it be that 1. we just have superior athletes and 2. we have more points in transition off turnovers?


Some games we lose. At least when you lose by 30, there is no reason to complain about the officiating.

Better recruiting of out of state athletes pretty well sums it up. Oklahoma State scoring by state. Oklahoma 7. Indiana 10 Netherlands 6 TEXAS 76.