Oklahoma State offers 2022 in-state hoops prospect


If we don’t get aggressive in recruiting instate talent, OSU will raid this state. They have already picked off DeVo Davis, point guard from Jacksonville who patiently waited for an OV from Arkansas, which he never received. OSU assistants are attending numerous games and will end with a commitment from Ford if we fail to be more aggressive in our own state. Just watch it happen !!!

So… OSU lands 1 guy that was probably 5th or 6th on our priority list for 2020 and now they are raiding the state? LOL!

FYI, we only have 1 available scholarship for 2020, The top targets have been obvious for a while now which is Moore, Williams, Thompson, and Moody. My guess is the 2020 class will be a 3-4 person class and 3 of those guys I just mentioned Arkansas is at the top of their list. And Arkansas has been very aggressive recruiting all of them.

As far as 2022, the staff is going to be diligent and not just throw offers out there that don’t mean anything. Ok State’s strategy seems to be just offer any and everybody that can dribble a basketball and see what happens. They’ve currently offered 33 kids for the 2020 class… I highly doubt we’re in danger of any kind of a raid from OSU.

I thought someone on here said they had first hand knowledge of the Davis situation and the Monk’s were involved. I maybe wrong, but I believe it’s posted in another thread.

I’d be interested in knowing who had first hand knowledge of the Davis situation. Ridiculous post …

Davis should have been brought in for a visit. Big miss in my opinion. That’s why we sometimes have to scramble late to fill slots.

It was said on another board by one of the recruiting guys on there that there was more at play than just basketball in Davis situation, he wouldn’t go any further into what that was. You guys can take that for what it’s worth.

I personally don’t know too much about his recruitment, I know he was offered a maybe a year or so ago, but things never seemed to get real serious. I never heard his name brought up as much as the other guys. The guys I’ve heard the most about and read reports of them visiting and watching have been Moore, Williams, Thompson, Moody, and Murrell. The first 4, as I mentioned earlier, seems to be the top priorities based on their activity with those guys. Murrell I know recently visited campus then went to watch them at the Ole Miss game.

Also, another 2020 name that RD reported on here recently Chanse Robinson, he’s a 4-star PG. I just read an article about him where he’s saying Hogs are in his top 5. So that’s now 6 highly rated guys that really like the Hogs for only 1 available spot. So, we’ll be alright without Davis, this 2020 class going to be a small class just based on the number, we were never going to have enough room to land all the in-state kids for that class. As long as they get Moore, Williams, and one or two of (Thompson/Moody/Murrell/Robinson) I think it will be a great class.

Blu, you may be right. I don’t remember that. I hate to lose kids who want to be Razorbacks. Next year one to Kansas and then to Okie State the next year.

The Davis thing will hurt if Moody decides to go elsewhere which he probably will then we will be Monked again put all of our resources towards someone who never was coming here

taps mic Is this thing not on? Did you literally just not read what I posted? They are on several guys, for only 1 open spot in 2020. As much as RD, Dudley, and other sites put out information these days I’m confused on how some of you guys miss all of this, it’s posted everywhere, we talk about these guys on here all the time, it’s on social media, it’s discussed on the radio, it’s even discussed on TV if you watch the Pig Trail Nation. I’m just amazed at people that complain about something, but seriously have no idea what’s even going on and didn’t do any research to find out before complaining.

RD just posted about this kid scheduling a visit for February https://247sports.com/player/chanse-robinson-46049062/
This kid… has said numerous times to different people we’re one of his top schools… https://247sports.com/player/bryce-thompson-46040037/

They are not putting all their eggs in one basket. Just from what I’ve read, Dudley and RD can correct me if I’m wrong… But, if these guys had to make a decision today Moore, Williams, and Thompson would all be Hogs. I’d even say it’s a really good chance Moody would be considering we’re the only school that he’s taken an official visit to at this point. Chanise just told another reporter we’re in his top 5, that was posted on social media. There’s definitely things worth criticizing that they’ve done in recruiting, but the 2020 recruiting isn’t one of them, they’ve been pretty active and on some really good players for this class.

I guess what I was referencing is the fact that Moody is more than likely the number 1 prospect on our board and if we don’t land him though we have done our due diligence in recruiting him it would be a similar disappointment as the Malik Monk shun…And I believe most would agree that loosing Moody would hurt along the same lines…Especially if he goes to Kentucky, Duke or Memphis lol

I doubt that Moody transferred to a Florida IMG school to prepare for a U of A offer.

IMO, Moore is the gem of the class. He may not be as high on the NBA wish list as Moody, which actually makes him more valuable to the Hogs. Moody, if he continues to improve will probably be a one and done. Moore will probably be a multi year player just because he is a tweener in size. I think Moore has a chance to be a great College player for the Hogs, especially if he hangs around for at least 3 years. Maybe in the Grant Williams mold.

Don’t misinterpret this as me downplaying Moody. I would really, really love to see Moody in a Razorback uniform, even if for only one year. He would be a big miss, but an understandable one if Duke, KY, etc. go hard after him.

I think Arkansas is in great shape with Chris Moore, Jaylin Williams and Bryce Thompson

As far as Moody, I will be surprised if he doesn’t end up at a Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, etc.

I think the kid really likes Arkansas and the coaching staff, but sometimes that is simply not enough. That would be the case if Coach Anderson or anyone else was coaching here.

I will note that the Kelly Bryant mania that happened when both he and Moody visited the same weekend didn’t help matters with the people around him.

Arkansas has done everything it can within the NCAA rules to tell him of his importance to them.

I am not in favor of offering eighth or ninth graders.

It is much easier to do if that player is out of state (be it basketball, football or baseball) and you don’t have reprocussions if you pull it, hence OSU throwing all those offers out.

Dudley, on the topic of in-state 2020 recruits, do you know the interest level Arkansas has in Detrick Reeves of Marion? I heard he’s been having an amazing high school season and one of the biggest reasons Marion is considered the best High School team in the state. Also, have you had a chance to see him in person play?

I apologize, I misunderstood what you were trying to say. I agree with that I think people will have a similar disappointment if we don’t land him. Although I agree with the other poster that Chris Moore is the gem of the class, the way he’s undersized he’s a 4-year player, but you’re going to get 2 really good years out of him and then 2 great years out of him when he’s a junior/senior, rather than just 1 great year of out Moody.

Also, I think guys are sleeping on Jaylin Williams, the only reason I think he’s not ranked in the top 100 right now is because he played on the 15U circuit last summer because he’s younger in age. I hope the staff can land a commitment from him before he blows up, because once he plays on that 17U circuit this summer I think a lot of people are going to be coming after him. Big, athletic, can shoot the ball, and has pretty good foot work and getting better by the day.

Yes, I know Arkansas has interest. I have seen him play and like his game. As you stated, there are a lot of great kids in the 2020 class and not a lot of room presently to take all of them.

Dudley, what’s the deal with Tim Caesar? Big kid at Marion with a world of potential 2 years ago but not much said about him now.

I was thinking the same thing I felt he was trying to get what he preceives as better offers I.e Kentucky Duke etc…

I wouldn’t disagree that he moved for what could be perceived as a better offer, but if I’m not mistaken he also switched AAU teams (I could be wrong) which gets him away from the Monks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for AR.

Still, however, I’ve never thought we would land him. I’ve felt that way about “The Big Three” ever since they showed up on the national radar. However, one seems high on the Hogs and the other reclassed, so i might be wrong