Oklahoma State is the 10th ranked

football team at the point in the season. How can they be that much more successful than Arkansas.

Don’t think their airport is any better located. Location, I know, is not better. Town is no better. Stadium is no better. Football facilities may be as good and maybe better. But that is the only thing I can think of.

Both teams play games every year in the state of Texas. We play in a better conference. Pay teams much more money each year.

Someone help me understand why, for years, Oklahoma State football is so much better than Arkansas football.

I think there are four key things that have allowed Oklahoma State to be successful.

First Coach Gundy was kept around - although there were questions about letting him go - when he started his career 16-19 in the first three seasons.

Since that point, Gundy put up two straight 9-4 seasons and a pair of seasons following it when they were 11-2 and 12-1

Bump in the road with an 8-5 season after that and a 7-6, but overall he is 104-48 and 63-38 in Big 12 play.

Secondly, he has had some great recruiters on his staff.

Thirdly, they have a clear identity.

But maybe the best thing they have going for them is they are close to Texas.

This year they are probably better than us. But that is not always the case. Give us their schedule and let’s see who wins the most.

We have a lot of work to do to prove otherwise but I’m convinced that (given time) CBB will get it done.

Hope springs eternal.

Let’s not speculate and take away from their wins. They deserve to be ranked #10, give us their schedule and who knows what happened but remember we couldn’t handle a very very poor Missouri team.

Arkansas has and has had several good/great players from Florida and Alabama, yet neither of those states border Arkansas. And used to be, long ago when I lived in Arkansas, Arkansas was a border state to Texas, just like Oklahoma. So unless ya’ll changed the border, I don’t follow that locality thinking too well.

OP was specific about comparing airports, and I am positive you insiders consider airports a key ingredient to successful recruiting, so I don’t understand an answer that says OK is close to TX, because AR is also close to TX. And AL has a bunch of kids from LA, which do not border AL, nor does LA have reasonable air service to AL. So how is that relevant to the specific question?

Dudley, I certainly buy into the stability factor. If memory serves me, Gundy has been there 10 or 11 years. But the close to Texas thing doesn’t fly. I know their location and know they play there a few times each year.

OSU gets their share but doesn’t necessarily sign a host of recognized elite players from Texas but they do mine areas with smaller schools of east, south, and west Texas and come out of there with undervalued difference makers. Same as TCU done, and Baylor did before the bottom fell out. Speed also appears to be high on the OSU coaches check list when signing Texas athletes.

Arkansas has played in the DFW area for six or seven years against A&M. And the last two years at Tech and TCU. We’ve gotten a few nice players out of Texas but nothing close to what OSU does to flesh out it’s roster.

You have to be right, a very large part has to be the quality of recruiters OSU has and their network of contacts in that very large state. Contacts to call you when they have a very good but over-looked athlete.

There is one other thing that OSU has that Arkansas doesn’t, a wide-open spread offense. Seems just about 4 out of 5 high schools in Texas are running some type of spread offense now.

they sign primarily speed 3 stars from Texas, run a spread offense and play in a weak B12 or however many they have this week.

I acknowledged they were better than us this year. They probably deserve to be ranked 10th. I’m talking historically. This year we stink.

And speculating is about all we do on this board. And we are good at it.

Oklahoma State has 65 - yes that’s 65 - Texas recruits on their roster.

Again 65.

So yes, being closer to Texas seems to be a deal.

What I have said about airports is that it hurts on game days - not on official visits that start on Friday.

There are five flights into XNA on Saturday mornings.

For example there are 32 into Nashville, 40 something into Atlanta, etc.

What is West Virginia’s deal? They are going to be 9-3 or 10-2 with a win v Mizzou. I like their coach. Anybody that drinks Red Bull like it is tap water is my kinda guy.

I don’t buy this. Dallas to Stillwater - between 4 hrs and 4 hrs/45 min. depending on your route. Dallas to Fayetteville: 5 hours 25 minutes.

We’re not talking about much time here. They aren’t in a better geographical recruiting area than Arkansas. One idea might be to start beating Oklahoma State out some recruits.

I’m waiting for someone to say that Stillwater is closer to a “city” where young recruits like to go party. Yes, Texas recruits go there so they can go to Tulsa or OKC to party.

Look, I went to Okie State for a year in college. There is NOTHING out there except the Tumbleweed (whatever they call it now) and Eskimo Joes.

Seeker, this was a good school to bring up and compare. If Okie State is getting it done in the lil 12, then Arkansas should be able to get it done with all of the so called benefits the SEC is supposed to bring.

They are 57 miles closer to Dallas than Fayetteville is. I guess an hour makes a big difference. I think your point about having an identity is key. Look at the WRs that have come through there

How many into Starkville? Auburn? Columbia? College Station? Knoxville? Columbia, SC? Oxford? I know someone will say people headed to Oxford fly into Memphis and that could be true, but that airport is a crap hole of an airport and isn’t a hub for American or Delta. You still have a good drive to Oxford.

What I recall you saying about recruiting visits during the football season is that some recruits have a hard time getting to Fayetteville in time for a afternoon game because they play on Friday night and have to travel on Saturday morning. However, 4 of our 7 home games were played at 6 pm or later. Two others were at 2:30 pm and 3 pm.

DD, you said Arkansas has the best recruiters they’ve had on staff in 30 years. You also said Okie State has a very good recruiting staff. You said Okie State has a very clear identity. Does Arkansas NOT have a clear identity? It seems to me that they do. Pro style, O-line U, Tailback U, Tight End U, etc. So if Okie State can get 65 Texas players to Stillwater, why can’t this great recruiting staff with a identity get those same kind of players to Arkansas? The easy answer would be that Okie State has better recruiters than Arkansas and that’s just a down right shame.

Arkansas spends $7.674 million in coaching salaries according to a 2015 USA Today report. Okie State spends $6.69 million. We are spending approximately a million more so there is no reason we can’t hire better recruiters.

I thought we had an identity - big tough maulers on both lines.

Not helping up recruit OL studs.

Stillwater is about an hour closer to Dallas than us

I know they are in east Texas much more than us

Put them in the sec west and see how good they are

But I get it , they probably have more talent than us and that should not happen in my mind

On second thought their classes have ranked
30, 49, 45 and 28 lately

Oklahoma State plays in the Big 12, Arkansas plays in the SEC. Seems pretty simple to me why the Cowboys can win more games.

It’s all about the conference. Put them in the SEC West and they wouldn’t be winning as many games. It is what it is.

I know it’s speculation, but other than Alabama there isn’t any team in the SEC that Okie State couldn’t play competitively with. We all thought that with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri. We’ve seen what both teams have done to Arkansas.