Oklahoma State is next - NOA received


Okie state will deny everything. They will get of scot-free like everybody else

Nobody believes me, because it’s cool to be cynical about this, but the NCAA HAS to hammer the schools in this. The FBI (and defense attorneys, to be honest) have handed them a case on a silver platter. Wiretapped conversations discussing paying players,. Strong ass offers.

NCAA doesn’t hit blueblood programs, they say. But they took away Louisville’s national championship on the word of a hooker, essentially. Louisville basketball is about as blueblood as it gets. They have a much stronger case against Arizona, Okie Lite, Kansas, and yes, LSU and Auburn than they did against Louisville.

I’m with Swine on this. I think if it was just the NCAA doing the investigating they might skate by but the FBI caught em. That changes everything.

I wished they would do something to LSU and Auburn for sure.

It’s coming.

Evans at Okie Lite was one of the first people to be charged/convicted in this FBI investigation. So was Chuck Person at Auburn. So based on that I would expect the Loveliest Cheaters on the Plains to get their notice of allegations soon. Will Wade came along later. So did Sean Miller at AZ.

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Yea the Feds did slap some pie right in the NCAA’s face. On the other hand the obvious has been the obvious quite openly for a while.
We will soon see