Oklahoma State coach wants to play Arkansas more often

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Response- I wonder why do you think it has something to do with the talent pool within the state

I would love to play them home and home every year

It may have something to do with that, but I think it’s more an attempt by him to spark some interest in his team during the nonconference season. That’s the task of every basketball coach at a school where football is king.

I’ve never lived more than 30 minutes from the Oklahoma state line, have several friends who are fans of their teams and make frequent trips over there, so that influences what I’ll say some. But I would love to see Arkansas play Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and the Tulsa schools more across all sports. Those are natural matchups that easily could blossom into rivalry-like games depending on the sport.

I’ve always felt the same way. Playing O-State annually would be another Power 5 game on the non-conference schedule for Arkansas basketball, which helps with the resume. Then they could be paired with another Big 12 school (Oklahoma?) for the Big 12/SEC challenge. It just makes sense to play Oklahoma schools more often in all sports. It’s good for the programs, the players and the fans. It also would eliminate the issue of having to fill at the last second a football game because some Big Ten school decides not to play. If there’s a history of playing annually against a OU or OSU, then they are less likely to drop you without ample warning.

All for it. Would be a great non-conference game to have. Bring on them Aggies! :lol: :lol:

I’d love to see us get some rivalries going. Memphis, Texas, Oklahoma, or Oklahoma State would all be good options. With that said, looking at what we already know for the schedule next year, it’s unlikely we see any of them scheduled next year.

We already know we have the Phil Knight Invitational, which is 3 neutral site games. We go on the road @Houston. Then we know we have Colorado State and Minnesota coming to Bud Walton Arena, and I’m guessing our SEC/Big 12 Challenge game will be a home game as well. That’s already 7 quality/big name games right there. Looking at previous schedules I’d say the remaining 6 OOC games would be against mid-majors, 5 @ Bud Walton and 1 @ NLR.

Edit: I wasn’t even thinking, but it will probably be a pretty good chance we get Texas or Oklahoma in the Big 12/SEC Challenge.

It makes sense to play them home n home. The fan turnout would be good every year at both venues.
Playing a home n home in both basketball and football every year couldn’t hurt either. That’s how you build a rivalry.