Oklahoma makes it look so easy!

Just watching them last night was bittersweet amazed and how wide open their plays are. Yes they have great athletes but it’s also the design of the plays as well. I watch them and they run a lot of crossing routes over the middle like we used to under Petrino on first downs and catch the defense on their heels absolutely no excuse why we can’t do the same thing. Hopefully we will see a totally different offense this week

It starts with confidence. We showed none…building none.

It starts with their O line. They have the best O line coach (Bill Bedenbaugh) and usually the best O line in the country.

Maybe it’s why the best OL in the state went there?

Watching Oklahoma, Alabama, Clemson, Auburn and others this weekend once again made me realize how far we have fallen. The talent disparity is vast. It’s going to take a long time to get back. I’m going to continue to support and attend because the Hawgs are in my blood, but the reality is we have a long way to go. Our coaches have their work cut out for them. WPS

I agree about OKL having a great OL but most of their passes are out quickly and don’t require much pass blocking at all,its more the scheme thany anything and that’s what I’m getting at,we can do better at getting our great young talent in open space and hopefully we will

This is a prime example of what OU is doing vs what we are doing, and what the coaches are coaching.

Wonder if Jalen Hurts would have beat out Hicks for the starting QB job if he’d come here?

I saw that this morning too and was very impressed by what Riley does to put the defense in no win situations,very very good Offensive mind.

Haha Harley your having a angry 2 days of posting, you may want to get back over to the BB board your gonna stroke out

Not angry, just curious :wink:. Maybe a little facetious on this one, but wouldn’t have bet a lot of money on CCM’s QB choice between the 2 for the first game. I did post one totally positive football post yesterday about the players. I’m looking forward to making a few days of happy, happy football posts after our win against Old Mrs. Saturday.

Just getting old and cranky. Really hard to be happy and content after 2-10 followed by that offensive display Saturday. My years of watching Razorback football are waning and I’m afraid I won’t be around to see our next SEC West championship.

I hear ya Harley, was just kinda messing with you since I read alot of your posts on the BB board. Have to admit were about the same age and I’m also wondering if I’ll ever see that SEC West Championship. Sat went in knowing 5 wins might be max, but around halftime and by the end of game was feeling 2 or 3 wins might be max, pretty deflatting for sure. I’m hoping we over looked PS/played vanilla looking towards week 2 or else its gonna be a long year