Oklahoma like a wind coming sweeping down the plain

Moser will kick Hog butt,not a question of how much. Sooners will name the score against this pitiful Arkansas team,

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :open_umbrella: :sunglasses:

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Why are you on this board if you don’t support the Razorbacks?

Pavlovhog1 has a unique sense of humor. His message is dripping with sarcasm :slight_smile:

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Dude is all Hog. Just has warped sense of humor. Which I like.


For some reason, I think Muss has had this game circled for a while. Might have something to do with why we looked so unfocused last night. It happens.

Agree, this game will be a teaching tool and looking ahead is 1-A on the board.

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I asked Ruta in Maui of the remaining non-con games, who should we be worried about thinking he would say Oklahoma … he first said “all of them”, then he added “UNCG is one we need to look out for” … he didn’t elaborate as to why, but I’m guessing the coaches knew their style would give us fits.



Which is good scheduling, IMO. We may see somebody like that in March.

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Perhaps he also thought the player’s might be looking ahead to the OK game, especially if he knew Muss was putting an emphasis on preparation for the OK game.

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I have tickets to the OU game, live in Tulsa and detest the Sooners and their egomaniac fans. We need to win this game! Last year was hard to believe.

I ain’t watching this game. No way I go to bed with Boomer Sooner ringing in one ear and Hey Porter in the other. The stuff of nightmares.

Yeah, it’ll probably be a boring game anyway–two mediocre teams just playing to each other’s level. No talent on either team! I may watch just for the commercials but turn it off as soon as I see the first commercial that I understand which might just cause me to have to watch the whole game.

Saturday is a big game. It just is. Can’t let what happened last year happen again, and I don’t think we will.

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