Oklahoma game question

Does anyone know who pitched the last 5 innings of the Oklahoma game and their stats? Since we shutout Oklahoma for these 5 innings it would indicate some young pitchers did well and might contribute in a big way this coming season.

I scored the game, so I have stats. Now I will say that I might have been distracted a time or two. For the most part, these should be close.

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Thank You! Those are some impressive outings.

Peyton Pallette has really surprised some people with how he has pitched this fall. I think he struck out six in two innings in his outing prior to Oklahoma.

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I talked to one scout who thinks Pallette will be a special player. If he continues to throw like this, he’ll pitch on the weekend in SEC play. I’m told that he just sits on 93 mph. That’s impressive for the early fall of his freshman season. He might add 1-2 more mph by February. Generally, pitchers do add mph over the fall of their first year in a baseball-oriented weight room.

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very good to see Monke throw 11/13 pitches for strikes, IMO he has a chance to very good if he can locate his pitches.Excited to see how Adams does as well.Pallette is a pleasant surprise(at least to me) b/c I hadn’t heard much about him,Pitching this yr will probably be a bigger factor than normal in detemining how well we do…

Matt Hobbs told me that scouts told him all last year that Pallette was going to be a big-time pitcher, but he was hesitant to believe it because he had not been able to watch him in person. Pallette committed while Wes Johnson was pitching coach and Hobbs spent all of last season playing catchup in recruiting.

Hobbs said he has been really impressed by what Pallette has shown to this point. Keep in mind, too, that Pallette is young for his class so there is more room for growth than there is with a lot of freshmen.

I’m very excited to see how he develops,we definently can use the arm for sure.We need a #3 weekend guy and need several to hold down bullpen jobs.