Oklahoma at Arkansas

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Wicklander is just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.hope this is 2019 Wicklander

Wicklander can’t seem to release the ball from The same place 2 times in a row to save his life. All over the place, drives me crazy.Ramage about the same way… Smh.very fortunate tbere

I think maybe we just go ahead and walk Hardman!

Just like that we’re behind!Unbelievable,hope I never see Ramage again

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who is the pitching coach anyway?

Frustrating. Some really bad pitching. Looks like we’re gonna need a lot runs tonight

We’re NOT A #1 team in the nation.Not even close.

Who is the number 1 team?

not for long

Glad that inning is finally over. Now let’s get our bats going

Spotted at the ball park, a grey-headed bobber and weaver.

wonders if she can pitch?

I’ll settle down soon. sorry.

This OU pitcher has found his groove. We need to get him out

We let meat go and get behind the count and swing at trash!! They btr get it together fast.

OU throwing nothing but strikes and all we can throw are balls. When you’re supposedly the top team you PRODUCE and if you can’t, next man up.

Yeah thought that was going to happen…k the side! Could be a very long night, Oklahoma can crush the ball,Wicklander followed by Ramage! Wow

You can talk about our pitching, and it’s been bad so far, but our hitting isn’t much better, so far.