Okie State favored by 6 on Saturday

According to Jeff Sagarin’s numbers. It’s 6.31, to be precise, but hard to win a game by 6.31.

Vegas hasn’t come up with a line yet, per vegasinsider.com.

By the way, if we played Vandy again on Saturday, they’d still be a 0.5 point favorite according to Sagarin.

I watched their game vs TCU the other night. I saw them as an average team that can do a little of every thing and not dominant on any position. They tried to penetrate some, hit couple jumpers and threes. Their main game was to run off of rebounds and TO’s. They pass quickly and try create something from it. How they play against AR, I do not know. I think we are equal. We should avoid falling behind to much, so we have better shot at closing it.

I watched OK ST play at Kansas and have the lead most of the game and a 3 point lead around 2 min. left and it looked like Tenn. at north Carolina and the refs took over on bogus calls in such great underdog games to insure wins for the yearly elites! Tenn game was a 2nd half travisty of calls in Carolina to stop what was at several times a blowout score for Tenn.! So we are playing a good and capable team and my question is where will the refs come from? Does anyone remember the past matchups? I hope they pull them out of the ACC or some other conference that allows a little physical play! Makes for much better basketball games!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see upwards of 170-180 pts scored tomorrow. Should be a very entertaining matchup, I just hope the stripes don’t get too involved and bog it down. If they let them play it could be an old time, vintage, up and down type of game.

Looking forward to it.

I am definitely looking forward to it. I’m glad they are favored. I prefer the underdog role and think MA does as well. It would be interesting to know where the refs are coming from. I definitely think it will be close, but fast paced. I’m hoping it look about like the LSU game.

Vegas Insider is favoring OSU by 8.