Okie Lite sulking

And doesn’t want to continue the Bedlam series after Mobilehoma joins the SEC.

Acting against their self-interest, I think.

Oklahoma State has a chance to become a more legitimate playoff contender once the playoff expands and the Big 12 loses its two heavyweights. Playing a non-conference game against Oklahoma would jeopardize that.

90-19 win/loss record in OU’s favor. Easy to figure out why OSU wants out.

Was reading the same story from Dallas Morning News, the SEC mandated Oklahoma cancel their scheduled games w Georgia(2023) &Tennessee(2024) according to the article.

I think you left out some ties that OSU is proud to claim.

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With your Tulsa and Oklahoma State base of knowledge would you care to share?

Okie Lite is playing lots of Power 5 NC opponents in the next 10 years, including us, Oregon, Bama, Colorado and Nebraska. They could absolutely drop some of them (yes, possibly including us) to keep Bedlam going. This decision is not to improve their CFP chances, it’s pure butthurt, just as Texas not playing A&M and Misery not playing Kansas was butthurt.

Most of the time a simple “no comment” suffices. IMO this was not a good look for Gundy. But I’m also sure he could care less about my opinion.

What do you want me to share? Not sure of the question.

You are correct Clay!! So sorry, I left off the ties.:joy:

Responding to your comment, “I think you left out some ties that OSU is proud to claim”.

Tie scores.

Thanks…color me a brighter shade of red on my lacking of cognitive awareness this morning. :flushed:

Don’t feel bad, I was thinking along the same lines as you for a while.

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Sort of like when the lower teams tie Arsenal in the Premier League. OSU used to celebrate a tie game.