Okie Lite loses after refs screw up

To Central Michigan, Dan Enos’ old team. Here’s the situation:

End of the game, OSU trying to run out the clock. I’m A Man calls a pass play on fourth down to run out the clock :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: He throws the ball away and gets called for intentional grounding, which is a loss of down penalty. But the clock hits :00. Game normally can’t end on an accepted penalty; refs give the ball to CMU at the spot of the penalty, CMU throws a Hail Mary with a lateral on the end and wins.

BUT the exception to the can’t-end-on-a-penalty rule is when the penalty is loss of down. Then the game ends. So CMU should never have gotten to try that Hail Mary.

But Gundy can also blame himself for running out the clock with a pass…

I’ve seen the Hail Mary a few times, but the 4th down play was described as follows by ESPN. Okie Light snapped the ball with 4 secs left and threw it out of bounds, but the WR’s never moved. That shouldn’t take 4 secs. So, when the ball hit out of bounds was there time remaining? I haven’t seen the replay of that play. Has anyone else?

I saw the replay. OSU QB took the snap, shuffled his feet a couple of times, then lobbed the ball. Play isn’t over until the ball hits the ground and it was easily more than 4 seconds.