Okie Lite jumps over us

And is now a 2 seed on Lunardi after beating Baylor. We’re the second 3 seed behind Cougar High.

Have to give it to them. They beat a most likely number 1 seed. Of course, them doing well is not all bad for us. Just need to keep winning.

These conference tourneys are just beast. There are just so few blowouts. Teams have been playing each other all year. Anybody can win a game.

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OK State looks like at least an Elite 8 team right now.

I wouldn’t mind meeting them again this season… especially since it would mean we are making a deep run in the Tournament.

On a neutral court, I think that we would be a slight favorite over OSU. Cade Cunningham is an extremely talented player but I think that Muss would come up with a plan that limits his dominance. This team can beat any other college team and I think that we should wait until Muss decides to unleash his Hogs. The Hogs are legit and will be so as long as we take care of our business.

I thought OSU was on probation and not eligible for post season tourney ?

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It is being appealed, until the appeal is ruled on they are eligable. Could be ruled on at any time. .

I have no problem with cowpokes ahead of us. they beat us. and beating Baylor is really impressive. and they may have the best player in the country, along with a good front line. will be a serious FF threat, I’ll prolly have them in my FF when brackets come out.

However, Cougar high…I guess we’ll see if the ranking dudes are right about them, but I cannot imagine my bracket having them in a final 8, and unless they have a great draw, I won’t have t hem in my sweet 16.

fair warning-I may be the worst sports better in the history of earth, lol


fair warning-I may be the worst sports better in the history of earth, lol

No, that would have been the guy who laid down 100 shekels on the Christians to win in the lions’ den.

I would say that OSU appeal is not going to be decided in the next three weeks. Just a hunch.

They better enjoy this postseason. Well as long as it has taken the NCAA to deal with Will Wade and LSU it may be 2040 before anything is done to Okie Lite.

The NCAA already did it to them, Army. That’s what OSU is appealing. They got a postseason ban, which they believe is unfair because it was basically an assistant coach taking bribes.

Wonder why they think that is unfair? What’s really unfair is that you can hire a player’s dad, brother, uncle or whoever just to get said player.

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Or promise his brother a sports agent gig. (Monk).

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