Okie A&M not helping xii-ii get out of bottom 10

… and oSu is ranked 11. They are trailing Tulsa 7-3 mid 3rd quarter.

Oklahoma State lost its starting QB in the first quarter and the backup isn’t playing well.

The Okie Lite 3rd string QB came in and saved the day. Tulsa made huge mistakes at the end that sure helped Okie guys.

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Indeed, TU played dumb football.

Oklahoma State has come a long way in football. As a boy, I would watch them play the Hogs every year in Little Rock. They were a rent-a-win team in those days. Walt Garrison was a fullback then, and the Cowboys had the same mascot they do now…exactly the same head and clothes.

Throw a few million at the football program like T. Boone Pickens did and presto…they have a solid program now.

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