OKC Regional

How does a Triple A ballpark have such a crappy infield?

looks like a dog with the Mange…terrible!

Three things come to mind: One, they’ve had a boatload of rain. Two, they had the Big 12 tournament there so unusually heavy use of the field. Three, incompetent grounds crew, probably went to Okie Lite :roll_eyes:

We take better care of our sports complex where we have 10 baseball fields and 7 softball fields. The kids play 4 nights a week! Maybe they are just too lazy to take the pride in the appearance OT their park!

You guys are a tough crowd!

Let’s see, it’s a minor league part that’s probably had somewhere around 25 games on it already this season. It just last week hosted the Big 12 tournament (something like 12 more games in a four-day span) and then a 7-game Super Regional (on short notice, by the way). And, oh yeah, torrential rains, which means actually playing on a field that probably still too wet.

Seems like making that field playable at all is a minor miracle.

I’d give those guys a break.

Oklahoma City had 11.2 inches of rainfall last month. Most of it fell in the past two weeks, part of the system that has the Arkansas River 20 feet above its banks.

Here’s the deal with minor league parks, most of their play comes in June and July. So they have bermuda grass. They do not over seed it like say Baum Stadium does. So the bermuda comes in at the end of May – unless there is a lot of rain and a lot of usage.

One of the things that is really hard on the first fourth of the infield (next to home plate) is when they take a lot of batting practice and infield practice there. You cover that portion with a baby tarp to protect it. Now, if you play a lot of day games, you can actually kill the grass – especially when there is less sunlight than usual. You get a mild, wet May and guess what happens to bermuda that’s been covered by a tarp for a bit – you got it, it dies. It appears they re-sodded some of it, but not all of it. It was going to look bad either way.