OKC playing Memphis on ESPN2

JWill didn’t start. The other JWill did, and of course we’re gonna get a faceful of Chet Holmgren hype (I’m starting to think Mark Few held him back). I’m pretty impressed so far with the Aussie guard, Josh Giddey.

JWill has not yet signed his rookie contract; second round deals tend to take a little longer with less guaranteed money.

He got in late first quarter and immediately got a defensive rebound.

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I did not watch the game, but I have read that JWill was successful in getting a charge called. His speciality.

Among the ex-Hogs, so far Isaiah Joe has had the best game. On Tuesday night, Isaiah started and in 29 minutes, scored 19 with 7 FGs made in 15 attempts including 4 threes.

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I missed the charge. He blocked a shot, went 0-3 from the floor, had 5 boards, 3 assists and a steal.

Game just ended. OKC won easily. Giddey had a triple double. J-Dub led them with 16. Holmgren had 11 points and 12 rebounds.

Hopefully Joe will be done with summer league after this summer. Still think JWill shoulda came back. Gonna be a tough road for him to stick. Hope he does. He’s playing hard, but…that’s all I got.

Muss HAS to give these guys better advice, or it’s gonna hurt him in the long run. The Martin twins just signed nice deals, but that was only because Muss told them they needed to come back to Nevada. Was JWill leaving beyond his control? I really wish I knew, because what I am watching doesn’t look promising.

What advice to Muss give these guys?

I was told by someone that is close to J Will’s folks that he never planned on coming back this year. His mind was made up long before the season was over.

Holmgren looks to be the real deal, and Lofton Jr. was impressive too.

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