OKC DE Collin Clay Commits to Arkansas (story)......

just now.

That’s 11 pledges overall - four DE.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … homa-prep/

According to Rivals the Hogs break into the top 40, a couple of spots ahead of Florida, who has only signed 11 also.
Our average player rating is higher than several in the top 20.

Not bad for an unqualified over his head HS coach! :sunglasses:

Always nice to go into OU’s backyard and pick up a four-star.

Great commit…long way to go. Need more.

But why does 24/7 have him as a 3 star, and #5 in OK, but rivals has him as a 4 star and #3 in OK?

So whats the real rank? Does Tom Lemming have some special formula? Even though he’s employed buy CBS just like 24/7???

Just asking for a friend…

Because rankings are subjective…

kid is a player and we are getting several on defense…I likey!!

I like it too…

All I am saying is that I want our ranking as high as it can go…

What a fantastic pick up for our D and the Hogs!!! This is a fantastic addition to our class that is loading up on the D!!! 2 big commitments going into the big picnic. I can see more commits on the way this weekend. Great job coaches, players AND fans!!!

Kudos to you.

In terms of recruiting rankings, I think 24/7 composite rankings of the four major services should be given a lot of weight since it is the average of them all.

But I honestly can’t say which one of the four is absolute the best at rankings.

His offer list speaks for itself.
Our defense is going to bring it!