Okay, through 7 and no Blaine Knight...

when do we start “feeling” his return for next season? :sunglasses:

I would not speculate on this but he should come back. With another good year he moves up!

I don’t think any team is going to match his number at this point.

Matt any idea on how much he was wanting?

So Matt at this point it has to look great for Knight to come back?

I hate to say what the chances are that he comes back because only he and a few others really know what he wants. But I do know that it would take a significant over-slot signing for him to get what he wants. I don’t know what that exact number is, but I think it’s in line with what a second-rounder would get.

Well, lets hope he comes back and wins a ton of games, has a 0.4 ERA, and doesn’t walk anybody all year. We win the CWS and he is the #1 pick in the draft.