okay this is a little bit scary

Back on Interstate 29, crossed into Iowa few minutes ago and I get a text from the Arkansas Alumni Association, inviting me to their pregame tailgate in Omaha tomorrow. Like how the heck do they know I’m here?

Swine they are tracking you! It’s a roll call for the hogs. All hogs on deck.

Actually I got 2 text for the same event.

I just figured it was Razorback Foundation contributors?

Anybody else getting these text??

I got the same texts and unfortunately I can’t make it up to Omaha.

I got it too

Yeah I got two texts as well so it might have been general RF stuff.

I got it, too. Sounds like they’re taking a shotgun blast knowing they’re going to hit a bunch of us who are going.

I got one too. Sounds like they might be sending it to all Alumni association members.

Is too. We are going. Hope the weather holds.

Got the same invite