Okay, so

was anyone else as unimpressed as I was with Kentucky tonite. They struggled to put away a Vandy team playing its 3rd game in 3 games. Dane Bradshaw tried to run cover for the Cats by saying “well it’s hard to win the last game of the day.” Sure, Dane, that’s totally what it was. what a toady.

call me crazy, but I think Tennessee beats Kentucky tomorrow.

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Well the official sure dropped the ball at the end of that one for Vandy. THey went to a review for an out of bounds and the network showed it was clearly Vandy ball when it was just a 4 point difference. They looked at something else and gave the ball to Kentucky. Colossal blunder!!

Or was it?

With Auburn losing and possibly jeopardizing the #1 seed they got to make damn sure Kentucky will be there to fill that gap.

I didn’t watch all the game, only the last 5 min, so I can’t speak to how it was officiated on a whole. But that call was horrible!!


I was probably more impressed with how well Vandy played they are in very improved team. Washington from Kentucky was lights out they’re a handful because of Big boy down low which no one else has. It will be a war between them and Tennessee just as our game with Texas A&m will be.

Yeah they totally blew that one

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I’m not sure Tennessee won’t blow them out. I was not impressed with Kentucky, and I still think Pippen Jr is the most overrated player in the SEC.

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Vandy was impressive but they made some costly mistakes late

Tenn will slow Kentucky down

Make the game a halfcourt grinder

The transition O won’t be there for Kentucky like it was tonite

how will UK score points? Oscar is their best player in the halfcourt

maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like Tenn wins tomorrow


I think TN is the better team. They are better coached as well.


With their closing regular season schedule and their draw for the SEC tournament, the Hogs should be tournament tough. Muss will have them prepared and ready to play. He will also be ready to adjust to any new wrinkles that our opponents make.

I am more impressed by each game we play. We are extremely good at countering any move by our opponents. We will have another deep run in the tournament.


Teams that are very disciplined defensively in the half court; that make you work late into the shot clock to get a shot are gonna be a real problem for Kentucky in the ncaa tournament. I suspect running into a Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Baylor, San Diego St. or Villanova is Cal’s worst nightmare.

I totally agree with your first sentence and a half.

I think the Hogs and Vols are both really, really good, well coached teams. I would love to see them play a seven game series…… but I’d settle for beating them in a rubber match.

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For Arkansas it’s going to come down to rebounding, and especially offensive rebounding for our shooting slumps which we will continue to see the rest of the season. Our ability to rebound in those times is what will separate a win from a loss.

Vandy is much improved at the spots around Pippen. And Kentucky did play terrific against Pippen. They stayed in front of him. Hard to do. Let him dribble without fouling. Really hard to do.

And Kentucky will be more excited to play Tennessee.

Vanderbilt did a great job on Oscar. Not good. Great. That was a clinic on how to box him out and also use length to keep him away from offensive rebounds. He usually beats everyone to loose balls.

I enjoyed watching the defensive play against Oscar and Pippen. It was masterful by both teams. Pippin was tired but UK played great against his clever, off balance jumps and jitters while driving. Hard to do.

Both teams made great defensive plans on the top players of the other team. Coaching matters. And players must execute the plan.

Hate that Shows misses the important call at the end.

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The protection for Kentucky in basketball or any other team that can bring the most money to the SEC gets all the help they can need at the moment.
The blown calls on reviews aren’t blown call they are intentional cheating by the officials that made the wrong call with video to confirm the correct call. The SEC does it in football and basketball.

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I would love an Arkansas Tennessee final!

I don’t think it’s cheating. I would disagree. I think they just are incompetent at times. It sticks out when it’s Kentucky because you want to see cheating. It’s just poor and it happens in other games with other teams. You just are not paying attention. It’s glaring when it’s Kentucky.

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Clay, you whine as much as Will Wade about officiating?

Kentucky in basketball.
Bama in football.

They get the calls. I would hope its a subconscious thing. But there is no question that it happens. has for a long, long time.

In the SWC it was Texas.

In the Big Ten it’s Ohio State.

Human nature I suppose. Sucks when your’e at the receiving end.

It suck’s when there’s a video review and they don’t get the call right!
Auburn football game comes to mind!

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Sorry it bothers you. You must be an official. Ha!

Officials make mistakes. But I do not think they cheat.