We have all heard talk before and I am not going to get caught up in it again until I am shown, but this guy gets it. I loved what he said it took in the SEC: Great O and Dlinemen. It starts there and then speed and more speed. I am so tried of Arkansas fielding slow teams. That is not out history or what has made us good.

For several years now we have been pleading to recruit Texas. That is happening now. Chad has seen all those Texas players at Arkansas. He has seen I-30 being one soild stream from Arkansas on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bring those things back, and we will be OK.

Loved how he straightened up the team to start the meeting…Sit up, shoulders back, feet on ground etc etc its the little things that turn to bigger things

The math teacher/high school coach in him came out. Loved it want some more of it.

Another thing that I liked was how much Arkansas history he knew and mentioned in his press conference. He talked about 1964, he talked about Frank, he called it the Hill, and he said “Go Hogs!”. I liked Coach B, and this is petty of me, but I didn’t like the “Woo Pig”. It is “Go Hogs!”

Those are little things, but to me they add up.

Coach Chad Morris grew up in Texas. Being from Texas he’s heard us call the hogs in the old SWC days. That alone helped him learn a lot oabiut our history and he probably did a little reasearch. The hogs call needs a little work. He has plenty of energy.
CBB was a good man and did a fine job off the field I hope CCM does a fine job on and off the field.

Bielema used “Go Hogs” the first couple of years. I kinda liked the “Woo Pig” reference. Plenty of teams say “Go XXXXX”, but there truly is only one “Woo Pig”.

I agree.

I liked the Woo Pig.

I see both sides though. A big part is I really liked coach B

The days of the reggae, laid back “hey mon” attitude are over.

Love it

Subtle but powerful to start the meeting off that way. I loved it.

The speech to the team was also powerful.

A great start.

I don’t care if he uses Woo Pig, or Go Hogs. I just want it to be after lots and lots of victories.

Gentry, Treat, and Hogin; I get it. I told y’all it was petty of me.

Ok, he said everything fans and players wanted to hear and was convincing to say the least. The honeymoon period is always a great time as things are new and fresh bubbling over with hope and promises with mighty anticipation of a great future and that’s were we are right now as a program. I’m as excited as the next person but also know full and well there’s a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to bring us into the championship realm of the SEC West division. Haven’t drank the Kool Aid yet but it’s mixed up chilling in the fridge and will see how the early signing period goes and the hire of a great DC and I might start sipping on some. You have to like this guys energy and his matter of fact way of speaking. Kinda feel like a kid on his first trip to a carnival wondering how much fun is this ride going to be ! Wishing him the best and hope ten years from now we are talking about he revived a program to the level of National prominence! WPS

I love the tone setting discipline, something that appeared to be missing under CBB. I believe he can really coach and we’ll love his offense, but it will come down to recruiting and defense in the SEC to compete. Right now I have hope, something that was lacking the last couple of years.