Ok you tech guys

I have Dish network how do I watch Rice game on 9/4 on my TV which is on ESPN+ and I understand you get Hulu and Disney+? I don’t want watch on computer on iPad just not the same. Any advice! There are a lot of things I like about Dish so I don’t want to drop it at this point!

Thanks to anyone

Connect your computer to your TV and watch it that way. An HDMI cable will do it and you can get one for less than $10. DISH isn’t involved but it doesn’t have to be,

If you watch all of the Razorback baseball games during the season, watching the football game can be accomplished the same way. According to the release earlier this year, you won’t have to have an ESPN+ membership to watch the game. You can watch it through the SEC Network+ channel within the ESPN app.

If you haven’t watched a game that way, download the ESPN app to your smart TV or streaming device (Roku, FireTV, etc.). Use your Dish Network credentials to access the ESPN app.

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