Ok who wins

A sec championship first, men or woman?

CMN has recruited better each season and CEM has yet to prove he can do it year after year to Arkansas, so I’m going with a toss up with a lean towards the Lady Hogs. WPS

If Arkansas keeps the core guys from this years team, added two players sitting out the season with the studs coming in, Arkansas men’s team has a legit shot at making a run at the SEC title next season.

Women are doing great, but MSU, Texas A&M, and SC are still one step ahead of our ladies at the moment.

The men have a shorter hill to climb despite the fact the women are ranked in the top 25. CMN really needs a presence in the middle.
The men lack the presence in the middle and lack the shooting the women already have.

LSU,Ky and Auburn may be a step ahead of us also on the men’s side. I can run this around all day and come up with pro & cons for choosing the men/women’s program over the other, but cannot make a good case against someone else’s choice as you may very well be correct. WPS

It’s only a matter of time before LSU ends up on probation and their coach fired so rule them out! That leaves the bag man that work for Honest Ben Howland at Miss St and Grease Ball Cal at Kentucky. Lying Bruce Pearl is hanging on a thread at Auburn. I’d say 1 to 2 years we will have a shake up at HC position at all of those schools.
CEM just needs a couple of Big men and he will get the HOGS the SEC title and a deep run in the dance.

The ladies made it to the championship game last yr, so I like them. On the other hand, it’s CEM first yr. heck why not both at the same time?! WPS!

That would be nice for the Men and Women to win it all the same year!

I don’t have that much faith in the NCAA but glad someone does. WPS

I was referring to sec championship game.

If the NCAA fails to act it would be like allowing inmates running prisons!
The coaches are the ones that need to be punished. Rules should be in place to prevent the 2 and 3 time cheaters to get jobs coaching.
Honest Ben Howland
Lying Bruce Pearl
Grease Ball Cal
The snake Will Wade.
There’s a short list from our outstanding SEC that believes in integrity of the game yet the bag men are roaming around for all of these guys. When Wade was caught on tape he wouldn’t even talk to LSU! Sounds like he may have gotten off. Not so quick. The trial of dirt has been following from his days at VCU! The most disappointing thing surrounding college basketball is the fact all the announcers talk about how great all these dirt bags are! Birds of a feather flock together.

Remember, it was one of those announcers that took a trip with Reggie and “talked” to him just before he flipped.

Go ahead and run it around and give us the pros or cons. That’s what we are looking for!

Old Seth is just a retread fires coach that couldn’t get another job coaching and his fall back was the announcers chair. He’s like Jimmy Dykes good at saying what a coach should do but unable to lead a team himself!

One reason and the main reason for leaning towards the women is that you don’t have the attrition on the women’s side compared to the men’s. For example where would our men’s team be if Gafford was here to protect the rim? I also think as of right now it’s easier for Neighbors to recruit to Arkansas than it is for CEM at this time because of the progress CMN has made and CEM era is in its infancy yet. Both coaches have a high enough winning % to put them in a category of championship winning coaches on the collegiate level. Staley and Schafer will be hard to beat out as Calapari, Wade and Pearl will be on the men’s side. I believe it will also be easier for CMN to win before CEM if they both run clean programs because of what goes on in recruiting on the men’s side. I’m sure the recruiting stuff goes on also on the women’s side but not to the same extent. Players leaving early is definitely what swings my vote to women’s winning first. WPS

The thing that helps Neighbors keep his players also makes South Carolina, Mississippi State and Texas A&M so formidable. They don’t have the turnover that Kentucky has on the men’s side. I think we all understand that. Those three teams are not going to slip anytime soon. All three have it rolling. And, it should be noted that Oregon has it rolling, too, on the women’s side. I watched them destroy UConn at UConn last night. No one has done that to them in their gym since Geno has been there. And, Oregon has a top class coming. Top class may not be the way to describe it.

It was funny watching Geno get thumped in his own gym. That’s what the women’s game has needed for year. UConn has been brought back down to reality.
Turnover may be a part you can look at for a reason to think CMN might get it done first but you can also look at the teams in the SEC and see that when CEM gets the inside rim protector he will be able to adjust and win! The men are a lot close than the women.
The men have yet to get blown out. Well the women haven’t either.
It is refreshing to see the men and women competing hard. Both fight hard and play with grit.

I think men. Both teams need size. Both have that same shortcoming. Love both coaches but men play better defense. Would be nice if they both win the sec same year.

I didn’t mention A&M because Blair is getting long in the tooth so to speak and might hang it up soon. Your right about Staley & Schafer being able to keep their players and making it tough no doubt, but I don’t see us catching LSU,Auburn and Ky all on a down year at the same time. Who knows which it will be men or women first, I sure like our positions looking down the road though for both our teams. WPS

Kentucky isn’t that hard to beat this year all the hogs needed was a big man! The same can be assumed in the road game at LSU! Auburn isn’t that great either.