OK. This is hard to believe


I know 2021 is a freshman. So this kid is a 6th grader. Lord help us.

Regulation of the sleazy college basketball recruiting process is long overdue. The Summer AAU circuit is especially out of control. High School basketball doesn’t even matter anymore. The NCAA or someone should step and do something.

I might understand freshmen, but 6, 7 or 8th graders is pretty ridiculous. Obviously there’s a market for this because parents are willing to pay money to pub up their kids. Attending camps is fine but to report on these kids is sad.

Regulation is needed in a great way. Camps are good, but maybe there needs to be a limit on the number any child can attend. How you regulate that, I don’t have an answer. The younger the child, the fewer he/she can attend each summer. IDK. Something to stop the idiocy.

Grown-up children living their lives through their
ungrown-up children.

Don’t see any regulation coming here. It’s unfortunately the mindset of so many parents that kids need to get their names out ASAP possible. There are plenty of people willing to make money off of parents that have this mentality.

Supposedly Emmert is putting together a NCAA committee to “clean up” and “fix” college basketball. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with recruiting sixth graders though.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/spo … ff639cea65

This is a joke! About as silly as the SEC rule that The SEC office has to be notified if a coach is going to be hired with baggage.
Greg Stanley “Stinkey”. Hangs all over Greaseball Cal whom his prior 2 jobs those programs ended up on probation after he left. Lying Bruce Pearl and of course honest Ben Holland. We have 3 known dirt bags coaching basketball.
What is Emmitt really doing to do nothing !

The only way to fix the problem is once you get cheating your done in the sport!
That goes for coaches and staff period.
Player being paid are done as well.
Right now it’s known that Wiley and the little point guard received cash paid to thier mothers by the assistant Chuck Persons.
Lying Bruce is claiming they have an idea which players that may be but there not sure. Blow that smoke somewhere else.
He’s as guilty as the assistant.

So think about we have 3 cheating coaches in the SEC and one of them says he has a solution! Actually dirt bags like Greaseball should be thrown out of the sport on thier rear ends.

This would be as stupid as hiring a convicted bank robber to work on an armored truck that makes runs out of the federal reserve!

You reap the seeds you sew!

Just a few weeks after they laughably did nothing to UNC-buying the crazy argument that because non athletes were able to take the bogus classes, they were OK.

As long as they “haves” like UK, Ucla, UNC, Duke, etc are allowed to buy players, this problem isn’t going away.

comments: little hard ash conclusion don’t you think. How would you manage your child, if he was perceived as a basketball prodigy or Phenom. this society has never been anymore materialist driven than it is currently. for the most part everybody is looking to get paid.