OK, this is Become very Serious and Personal

I just took out about 3 bank loans and sold a horse to buy 5 tickets to the A&M Game so I could take my daughter and 2 Grandsons (who have not been to a Hog Game - live in Arlington.

Sat. I have 4 Soccer games to attend (2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons), and then the Hog game. Sunday, I drive to College Station (yep, that College Station) for a meeting first thing Monday AM (we had better win or it wil be a very difficult Monday). Then Monday night, my oldest grandson plays football for his Arlington Jr. High team. He is the QB. His first play, he went 76 yds for TD (kid can run). I have already sent tape to Coach B and told him we were ready to commit!

Big, big weekend - fly out Friday night.

So… What’s the problem? :smiley:

I don’t understand the need of the bank loans. If you sold a horse, that should cover it. I do understand the emotional conflict with YOU selling a horse. The rest seems like normal stuff.

Banks would not loan enough!!