OK Tell the truth

How many of you still hope L. Henry is SEC eligible next year?

Truthfully…not me.

He’s going to Ole Miss…my lab can pass entrance requirements there. Should be no problem getting eligible…

When you buy a new car, it will fit in the garage…

I can’t find myself pulling for him. Of course, I recognize I shouldn’t hope he’s unable to get a degree, but I’d still like him to be ineligible for football.

I kinda hope he qualifies…but not in the SEC. Would love to see him have a nice little Sunbelt career.

Hell No!

when ole miss buys him anew car it will fit into the garage and ole miss will make sure that he passes with there help

I Wish him well in life, but not to be elegible for ole miss

You say your Lab could qualify academically at Ole Miss? Of course a Lab could. My Black Lab could have qualified at Harvard. Now my Yellow Lab, he would not have qualified for my high school in Pine Bluff, but that is another story. And as for playing linebacker, both were speedy, had great change of direction, good hips (although somewhat prone to hip dysplasia), strong, and tackling at least as good as Arkansas tackling has been lately (is tackling with your teeth a penalty? I have never seen it called. And they could trip me up pretty easily. Once on the stairs.).

A buddy of mine shared some information with me on Lakia situation. If you have heard it already I apologize. Word has it, Ole Miss coaches got to his momma the night before and she drove through the night to Dodge City to convince him to sign with them and not us. I will leave it at that! Very shady if you ask me!

What really bothers me the most on this is that a parent (not the child) has made the decision on the school. It happens with kids in high school often and I get that but this is a young man a couple years removed from high school. He should be able to make HIS OWN DECISIONS, not the mom. Unless of course if something shady went on.

What brand new car was she driving?

What is wrong with his Mom? She drove through the night to convince him? Why couldn’t she text? :smiley:

Maybe she had new wheels to drive home the point.

Wish him the best and move on him and his mother made a career decision and he’s no longer our concern or problem. We all think we have a idea what happened but that doesn’t make it so and he should not be getting more attention than the guys we did sign and I appreciate and thank everyone of the guys that signed and say thank you ! WPS