OK, Swine

We’ve won our TWO games. Which New Years Bowl we playing in,?

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I was wondering what the bowl season was going to look like. Will all the bowls be played?

Who knows. At one time, with several conferences out, it looked like many teams could get in with a poor record. Now things are really muddled.

That ESPN projection of 5-5 is looking better and better, and might have even been low if the refs last week had had a clue.

My Aubie sonNlaw (still in their baseball record books) concedes last week was a loss for them and would be super happy for us to claim the win as far as records go, as long as we don’t take their win away. I’d agree with that.

Can’t be 2 winners, but all in Aubie land knows they lost that game. Then lost again today.

I’m surprised he doesn’t want us to take the Auburn in a way as well just to get Gus and Morris out of town

Agree. Gus Bus be leaving the Plains, maybe before the season ends.

(uh, where’s he go? Back to the Ozarks?)

Is Shiloh looking for a coach?

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