Ok Plow80 I'll put this up to bring some pub

I like tracking Montgomery from Tulsa.

You alluded to Frank Wilson at UTSA. I’ll admit I was impressed with not only recruiting credentials, but also leadership qualities. He is a winner in everything he does.

Not saying he is a fit in Fayetteville, but I think A&M shows a real lack of humility and arrogance if they don’t look hard at him.

Bottom line I’m now checking UTSA in the score box.

Both are good coaches on the come up.

I like Wilson due to his clear ability to recruit, + SEC experience.

He’s a little green as a HC, but the trend now is looking like powering up at the coordinator position more so than grabbing a big time name HC.

Both are great candidates for big P5 jobs in the future.

I’d be willing to wager Frank Wilson will not be at UTSA in the next two years.