OK, now that the early signing period is over

Catalon seems to be the next logical target, if he’s not the silent commit. And we have 3-4 public commits who we expect to land in February and 2-3 who we may not. CM hinted at a transfer QB, either a grad or an underclassman.

Thus we have:

  1. Henry
  2. Otey
  3. Burks
  4. Catalon ?
  5. Spivey ?
  6. QB transfer
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???

So assuming we keep Spivey and land Catalon and a transfer QB, who’s on the radar for those last three spots? Or if Walker and D. Brooks resolve their issues, who’s the last one on the bus?

Uh, Jeff. I think Bush is #21


Correct, Jim. Lost count. So…

  1. Bush
  2. Henry
  3. Otey
  4. Burks
  5. Catalon ?
  6. Spivey ?
  7. QB transfer
  8. ???
  9. ???

OK, we’ll amend. I’m going to write off Brooks and Walker for the purposes of this discussion. Who else is on the radar for those final spots?

#27. Sci Martin
#28. Walker
#29. Brooks.

I still would like to see Walker in a hogs uniform. And I would also like to see Brooks on the hill as well. Even though a grad transfer QB would help next season if the hogs can sign an defensive impact player that what is like to see.
Keep in mind it’s speculation that Catlon is a silent comment right now!

Lakia henry

I may be in the minority–and I certainly want to see Catalon in a Hog uniform–but I have kind of been hoping that Lakia Henry was the silent commit.

Having said that I feel like FSU will be a real player for his signature now that they have offered.


Silent commits:

G Brooks - made it official

Hopefully we bat .1000% in the silent commit dept in this class.

  1. Catalon
  2. Burks
  3. H Henry
  4. Spivey or another RB
  5. LB
  6. Grad Transfer QB now or after Spring
  7. Walker or another LB
  8. Otey

Will be shocked if M Brooks signs

Seems there is mutual interest between Russell and Arkansas. I live in his hometown and some close to him feel we have a good shot. They say Auburn and Geogia Tech may also be in picture. Anyway, linebacker is real area for improvement, so I wouldn’t see signing two as a bad thing. If we keep Adonis and can sign Catalon, I think the secondary is well addressed, so linebacker and getting at least one good running back are necessary to strengthen every position group (assuming H Henry and Burks are solid).

22 Henry
23 Burks
24 Otey
25 Walker
26 Sci Martin
27 Spivey, or Darwin Barlow
28 Catalon
29 Grad transfer QB, or LB Chris Russell

I think this is probably the most accurate list. I think Sci Martin commits if we miss on Lakia Henry. I also think 28 is the right number since the coaches have affirmed our belief about a grad transfer QB. Chris Russell looks to be a Tennessee lock.

I’ve heard that Russell’s girlfriend is coming to the Hill, and has told Russell he’s coming too, that that is our connection. Can you confirm?

Please forgive me…can someone explain more on this Russell person please?


I’ve heard that Russell’s girlfriend is coming to the Hill, and has told Russell he’s coming too, that that is our connection. Can you confirm?

[/quote]from what I can determine, it is not a girlfriend but a friend who is a girl! Not trying to be funny, but asked a parent last night, whose younger daughter will be a freshman at Arkansa this fall and is good friends with Chris. For what it is worth, she said Chavis has worked on recruiting him, been here at least once and spent a lot of time with him.

Chris Russell is a LB that Arkansas is recruiting. At one time, Russell was committed to Memphis.

https://247sports.com/Player/Christophe … -46055435/

Lakia Henry is not going to qualify for an SEC school. Some JUCO grade rule the SEC has. So, we’re not going to “miss” on him. No SEC school is going to get him.

Just curious, where did you here this about LH?

Thank you BigJohnHog…now I remember him.

He’s not graduating until next May, so he “theoretically” has time to achieve these deficiencies .