Ok, now let’s get some O linemen

And add some linebackers, and then keep building towards an SEC and national title.

You are 100% right … We need to finish this class wilth OL

we need to make this the Major emphasis as we go forward. we have to get quality not quanity OL in here or we aren’t going to have the offense we need to have.only area I am not satisfied with and LB too.

Just asking - don’t you think they have been trying and it just hasn’t worked out to the level that it has at other spots?

I hope not but I’m sure you’re right

Absolutely I’m sure they are trying. I’m not being critical. I’m thrilled with the recruiting at many spots and just hopeful we keep up the momentum and get some O linemen too.

I believe this coaching staff has been relentless on the crootin trial. They may have missed on the OL high profile targets but they have signed a few!
This is the best class we’ve had in years and maybe the best ever for our hogs. Be thankful for what we have! I know I am.

I totally agree. More than thankful even. I’m grateful that we are seeing the professionalization of recruiting to Arkansas that so many of us have wanted for years.

No complaints. Just hopeful we can still get some O linemen to help as well.

I wonder if our coaches are still in contact with either Thomas or Wilkins, the top two in-state O-linemen recruits that are currently committed to Ole Miss and Oklahoma?
Perhaps, if those guys see the fact that they could be the missing pieces to what is already a very good class they could somehow be convinced to reconsider and decide to stay at home and help push the program back to college football relevance once again.
We’ve all seen that until signing day nothing is set in stone.
For now, coaches have to get our current Freshman and sophomores coaches up and ready to produce, players like Adcock, Clenin, Clary, Gatlin, Hays, Robinson, Wagner and Winkel. Colton Jackson will be back next year also, if we do sign a Juco guy not sure he would be ready to step right in and start in the SEC without the full year of strength and conditioning program and learning the schemes.

Go Hogs!

You can cross Hays off your list. Hell no longer be playing football according to the insiders. Makes it all the more important to land these guys!

Hays took a medical redshirt. His career is over.

They are certainly in touch with Wilkins, who is still taking an official visit here during the LSU weekend.

As for Thomas, I’m sure they are, but his family has made it clear they are’t interested. Strange deal.

Strange Deal or $trange Deal?

DD or RD, I think it was Clay who touched on it, but what is the likelihood of a big DL recruit switching to OL? Do we know if the coaches have approached guys like Miller or Williams to gauge their interest for playing OT/OG? I could see guys like Carter and Gregory fill out to become DTs anyway, much like TJ Smith and Marshall.

Spit out my coffee. Good one! :lol:

I read somewhere (maybe on here or 247?) that Thomas’ parents loved CBB. They thought he got treated badly the way he was fired and it turned them off on the UA. Have no idea how true that was.

Myron Cunningham is extremely talented. He’s one you should hope to land. The others JCs are also high caliber.

Certainly it would be an option down the line, but I wouldn’t broach the subject during the recruiting process when you are trying to recruit them at the position they want to play in college.

Dudley, I have a question. A few weeks back, you had a list of players you thought would be Hogs. Hudson Henry and Devin Bush were two guys you had on that list, Walker was not (so I assume he was one of your best available), anyways the last few days, I’ve seen Lakia Henry, Jalen Catalon, Bobby Wolfe, and Stacey Wilkins as still possibly in play. If these guys do end up being Hogs, would they be guys you absolutely take, even if they aren’t in the positions some of us want?