Ok, now here we go

We’re 12-3 (1-2) with a RPI of 28, having lost to Minnesota (RPI 8), Florida (3) and Kentucky (7). Using KenPom rankings, which I prefer, the NCAA uses to some level and shows how a team is playing (not just the results), it goes like this: Arkansas 42, Minny 33, Florida 13 and Kentucky 1.

Try to take your Hog fandom out of it, and re-read the above paragraph.

I think if you do that successfully, you’ll say, “We’ve done what we should’ve done”. There really should be no significant complaints at this point.

Still, we are Arkansas fans, right? The doubt has been there for the past 15 years. With this team, you still see cracks that could cause a tumble. I get that. But, I think we all should reset at this point in the season b/c we just passed a very critical stretch…

…and, we came out pretty dang good!

So, here we go. Below, you’ll see our schedule with RPI ranking first, KenPom second.

Miss State (H) - 175, 107
Mizzou (H) - 264, 179
Texas A&M (A) - 101, 60
LSU (H) - 92, 126
Vandy (A) - 57, 66
Okie State (A) - 55, 35
Bama (H) - 75, 69
Mizzou (A) - 264, 179
Vandy (H) - 57, 66
LSU (A) -92, 126
South Carolina (A) - 36, 31
Ole Miss (H) - 39, 84
Texas A&M (H) - 101, 60
Auburn (A) - 96, 104
Florida (A) - 3, 13
Georgia (H) - 51, 59

You look at that and 8-0, at least 7-1 is a reasonable projection for home games. Away games, I see 1 win, 5 likely losses with 2 toss-ups. Mizzou is the win. A&M, Vandy, Okie State, South Carolina and Florida are the likely losses. LSU and Auburn are the toss-ups.

First of all, you can easily argue different numbers above. We’re similar enough to other teams; there isn’t a ton of difference. But, I think the above is reasonable. And, in my opinion, if we continue doing what we we’ve been doing, we SHOULD get to 22-9. And, that should be enough to land in the tourney.

Take care of business at home. Win the one you should in COMO and steal another one on the road. You’re there.

I have some doubt still. And, I think some personal bias is probably the main factor there b/c so far, again, we’ve done what we should’ve done. So, with that said, Hogs, keep doing what you’re doing!

Disagree about Auburn as a toss-up, we’ve never lost to AUB at their new arena.

I don’t look at history to project W/L’s. I look at team make-up and how they’ve played this year and recently. Auburn has talent. It’s young, but they can be dangerous based on their personnel.

I agree with you, but I also look how our guys play in different arenas. Like aTm, CMA’s teams always have issues at College Station (going back to Missery). However, the Hogs always seem to play “normal” on the plains. For some reason their arena is more like the Bud than anywhere else. Now, I actually (from watching aTm) think we will reverse the aTm curse, but I still think we beat AUB, because of the play at that arena.

If that’s the case you gotta throw A&M and Vandy into the toss-up category. Vandy is 8-7 with a home loss already to Bucknell. TAM is is 8-6 with a home loss to Tennessee, who we beat on the road. I’d argue that winning at Tennessee was a bigger feat than it would be to win @TAM and @Vandy this year, Tennessee has played a tougher schedule than both those teams and been right in the mix to beat some good teams.

You can absolutely argue that.

Agree with RazorAg up to about 95%.