Ok, Nichols is leaving

as well. Insiders, what is really going on here? Die hard Arkansas kids leaving after years of dreaming to play for the Hogs. Something seems off. It does not seem like this is a natural, “looking for a new start”. Two dlineman out, both Lbs out , first time defensive play caller……This bowl game has all the makings of a major cluster for our team and the university. I am not sure what can turn this train around.

This is the reality of college football now: There is going to be significant roster turnover from one season to the next and most players will not play their entire career for one team.

None of these moves really surprise me. In Nichols’ case, I think he had hit his ceiling at Arkansas, plus Cam Ball is probably the immediate future at that position. Nichols has one season of eligibility left and has a chance to experience somewhere new.


I am sure that you are right Matt. However, are you sure that is not something internally going on to help prompt this 19-20 player turnover? For a coach that all his players love playing for, it all changes one day for the money?

I agree with you on the ceiling comment. So in Nichols case, he was going to leave now instead of fighting for his position? Or he was told to start looking.

I don’t think what is happening at Arkansas is much different than what is happening within several programs.

Ole Miss and Florida have a comparable number of transfers. Texas A&M has more. North Carolina and Oregon are nine-win teams that are playing each other in a quality bowl game, and both have had 15-plus transfers. It’s just the new normal.

I think there is a stigma that transfers are the byproduct of unhappiness by players or an issue within a program. There might be some of that, but I also think most coaches are honest during exit meetings and tell players the truth about their future within their program. I think many are being told that if they want to play, they probably need to look elsewhere.


Thank you! I appreciate your quick response Matt!

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Your right sir. This is what college football is now. I for one don’t like it one bit. But my opinion counts for nothing. I just wish the people, institution’s, and corporations working for all these years for a system like this would fess up to it already. That this grand experiment their conducting is their doing. But that would mean if, I mean when it fails, they would have culpability for it. Never mind. They’ll never do that.

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I agree.He did not play very well this year and like you said Cam Ball really came on and I think as a bright future if he can continue to work hard and stay healthy

The University of Arkansas Razorbacks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Razorback Entertainment, LLC.

We are about 10 years from something like this - players are employees, can go to class if they want, etc.

It is what it is….


A middling, at best, starter looking elsewhere. Expected.

He’s the exact type of player I’d expect to leave.

He has never flashed much as a playmaker in his four years, but he has been a consistent guy who rarely is out of position, though physically he has been vulnerable to double teams and bigger, good SEC OL. To his credit he stayed with it and put on enough weight to play DT in the SEC.

Cam Ball is a lot better, we have a couple of huge interior DL freshmen committed, we should get Carter back next year, and of course the portal works both ways, so it’s not a big loss IMO. I appreciate him hanging with the program through rough times and hope he does well in the future.

Why wouldn’t he stay through the bowl game to help out his teammates whom he has gone to war with?

Why wouldn’t he buckle down and improve and beat out his competition?

Isn’t that how we were taught? Sounds archaic now, doesn’t it?

If I am a coach I want those players leaving to already exit the program. Get out of the way of the young pups. Don’t pollute the waters by hanging around (if there is some sort of acrimony).

I also want to get a really strong idea of just who is in and who is not, ASAP. I want to know who I need to recruit, re-recruit, or chase in the portal. I would really hate for UA to pass on a DL, for example, thinking Nichols was going to do a super senior season at UA only to have him leave unexpectedly.

If anything, why now? Go ahead and do this 3 weeks ago. Courtesy to your coaches and teammates.

Barry Odom attracted a lot of Mizzou players in his time at UA. There is a chance he attracts UA players to UNLV.

Cancel culture?

Closer than you think with a few recent court rulings.

Bc we didn’t have any other choice but to buckle down and continue to play. We couldn’t go to another school where we could play immediately and be one of the best on the team.

If he was told his playing time would decrease he is moving on and wants a chance to play and show nfl what he can do.

The way it is now


Also yep.

It is what it is. Kids are leaving everywhere. And we’re doing better in bringing in replacements than a lot of schools. 247 had us ranked 6th in portal players we’re bringing in. A&M has lost 25 guys and NOBODY has committed to transfer in there.

I think you are correct. Maybe a little longer, but maybe not.

I also am not sure this model will attract me. By then I will, no matter how much I want to deny it, be an old fart.

The reality is the Hogs need better players that the Isiah Nichols and Simeon Blair’s that have been here forever, not knocking them but we have to have better starting players if we ever expect to freaking win in the SEC. Period.

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