OK-- I've had enough of Jimmy Dykes

Can’t coach, so what makes him a basketball announcer?
He was fired or resigned. IMO he goes overboard to not praise the Razorbacks.
If given the chance I woul NOT speak to him. bad officiating. Just drive to the rim and PUSH our player in the back and then pass to an open LSU player. NOT one word about that play. Should have been a foul. I could go on and on.

Say what you guys want but the schedule sure didn’t do us any favors.

Digging a deep hole for us to even get out of. Bad night.

We deserved no praise tonight. None at all. Dykes is loved on here by many. He does a good job. No one can make a rout like that interesting.

Dykes should do what Frank used to when he worked for ABC when the Hogs were on back then he wouldnt do an Ark game. Honestly, I just turn the sound down on TV and turn up Barrett on the radio


JD was the least of my worries tonight.

That is true JD was the least of our worries. But we nneed to steal some games on the road.

Wade had a great game plan from the start.

And YES I needed to listen to the radio. Our only radio is a big box out in the garage. It has a record playeer. A CD player, cassette player, Radio as stated, and it is to heavy for me to carry. It’s out there since my parent were alive. So the gang watched the FB/ BB game and I would go outside to some and pace and go crazy. AND BTW I quit skoking years ago.

SO I have no radio, period. Anybody have one that’s classy. Or I just may get one on Amazon or Wal-mart. LOL

Mike, you can pick up the radio broadcast online on the Tune In app.

You can find a lot of portable radio/CD players these days that produce a good clear sound from FM radio.

I have no problem with Dykes’ actual basketball analysis. The problem I have is when he gets into the self-promotion bit. Like the story he told last night about being in Spokane and meeting John Stockton. It was the most cringeworthy thing ever.

I think whether we like self promotion from sports figures or not depends on whether we like the person. I can give you a lot of examples right here in our backyard.

I like to hear Jimmy, so obviously self promotion does not bother me. He is very knowledgeable, and especially in close games has very astute observations on what a team should do.

I always keep in mind that Jimmy is on a national broadcast and not an Arkansas broadcast.

I like JD. Met and talked to him at an Alumni thing a few years back and found him to be easy to talk to and very bright and engaging, especially about all things Razorback. I think he’s one of the better color guys in sports TV.

When it comes to a team they have played for, it seems to me most analysts face the same criticism Jimmy faces here after every Arkansas game he calls. A lot of Cowboys fans think Troy Aikman goes overboard when calling their games. I’ve read that Ohio State fans’ criticism of Kirk Herbstreit was a contributing factor to him moving his family from Columbus to Nashville.

The only way to avoid it is to not call their games, and I’m not sure the analysts wield that kind of power.

I would rather listen to JD any day than many of the others guys, JD has to basically tip toe through a broadcast of a Razorback game. However I do get worn slick sometimes when it comes to the seat on the plane or get left on the tarmac, but that’s his go to when talking about dancing. WPS

Agree with Matt. It’s no-win for people calling games where he attended school.

I noticed that description of “getting seats for the dance” is catching on with other announcers. The jet idea is getting traction.

Download the game day app and listen to it on your phone.

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