Ok, I'm now hearing

Ketron Jackson might be headed to Texas.

When I posted on Aug. 13 that he was going to Arkansas, I had very strong reasons for saying so. Things appear to have now swung back towards Texas.

This is way I often say you never know with recruiting until the prospect announces and signs.

Money talks and always has! Last minute changes are always suspicious!

Really bad news! Hate that. ghg

I’m not saying he’s not coming. When a kid gets closer to making a decision schools start turning up the heat. Nothing would surprise me.

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Which is why you should never trash a recruit just because he/she might not commit to Arkansas.

At this point, I’m not sure where Ketron will land.

Everything I hear, is he’s torn by his dream school and Arkansas who’s been recruiting him the longest and the hardest.

I’ve thought he would be a Razorback since his March 7 visit to the Hill. Based on my best source, the momentum swung Texas’ way after he visited the campus and as I posted here somewhere he was trending towards the Horns.

As noted I had strong reasons to say Arkansas would be his choice in a Aug. 13 post. Yesterday it looked like it might very well be Texas again.

As you all know, my favorite word in recruiting is fluid. That’s exactly how I would describe this situation right now.

That said I’m going to say he’ll pick Arkansas because of the longer relationships he’s developed with the coaching staff and they have been on him VERY, VERY HARD. Then you throw in the Justin Stepp factor.

At the end of the day, until he comes out and goes public, I’ll just say nothing will surprise me.


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