OK, I Now Need Some Help

I have been out all day and without any Razorback information. I did know about Long, but had no idea for the reason. Clay did sort of answer that one, but would certainly like more detail.

Then I get home and open this up and it seems Coach B going is now a done deal and Gus is coming. Say what? I look though all of the Post and I see things like rumor has it. What rumor? By who? What are the sources? Where is this coming from? Gus has a decent chance to win the SEC and get into the Playoff. Even if he wanted to (why? from a real source, not what someone at the barber shop in Yellville said), it could mean we would go through mid-Jan and a recruiting deadline without a coach. What if Gus were to win out (and they are good enough to have a chance) and Gus decided to stay, we would roll into Feb. without any coaches at all.

Would somebody please clear this up for me with facts or at least sources??

what he said

Good question.

Those who have the power to make things happen like today, probably have a plan that checks all boxes.

We probably will never know all of the details, whether it happens or not.

No response tells me the source must be the barber shop in Yellvilee or some such place. Where did this start or did somebody dream it up and it took hold?

Lack of response tells me the source must be the barber shop in Yellville or some such place.

This is closer to accurate. Not many know what is going on. There is a TON of misinformation floating around.

And even more wishful thinking. “I hope we hire him” becomes “we’re going to hire him”.