Ok- I give up

And just maybe this has been posted many times, so here goes.

You click on the first topic on the FB Insider Board.
Now how in the world do you just click some button and go simply go to the very next Post( Topic). Just maybe it’s in a post I have missed or several.

As I am doing it now I’m hitting the FB Insider Board then jumping to the next topic.
I’d appreciate if a straight forward answer can be given. Thanks

To whoever replies.

I’ve spent hours, several actually trying to find a pretty simple “Next Topic button”… :slight_smile:

BTW where is the “Tips, Suggestion” Page?? Or maybe a [color=#FF0000]Users Guide [/color]

I to relished the previous/next topic option from Scout. I don’t think it exists here, gave up very early looking for it.

[size=150][color=#FF0000]“Not Good”

So how in the world is everyone doing this?

Hit the FB Insider Board button and going on to the next topic??

OK guys there has Got to be a better way. I enjoy the added information we are getting But this is just a Pain in the rear end![/size]

It is funny, what is a BIG DEAL to one user isn’t anything to another. I personally never read all the threads. I pick and choose based on who started it, the topic, how many replies there are to it, etc. So, I don’t miss that at all. Never used it. When I finish a thread, I click on “Football Insider Board” and then decide which thread, is any, to click on next.

I am sure there are functions that I think are a big deal that are nothing to you.