Ok, I believe!

For the life of me, I cannot see how they are doing it, but it really does not matter. The one thing I see is playing very hard, believing in their coaches, and just not accepting sloppy play. They have given up nothing cheap since those blocked punts. They make everybody earn it.

Do I believe they can handle Florida or Bama? No. Florida looked very good against that GA defense today, but then, Ole Miss ran up and down the field against Bama and we stopped them. One thing for sure, those teams better be ready to play!

LSU and MO? Yep. We have it to do, but those kids can do it for certain.


Aloha Jim,

It’s heart and coaching. Something we’ve haven’t seen from the football team in a long time.


Talent has been there to win, coaching not so much, we are winning with what duffus1 & duffus2 recruited pretty much.

Florida can look awesome but I found the second half that Trask will throw the ball in a crowd which gives me hope so he might throw a couple to us they were not the same team without their great tight end.

Funny–that is almost word for word the same title and commentary that I almost inputted at the end of the game (except that I instead decided to try to get some immediate beauty rest, which apparently did not work). Actually I had thought that this team had been so “hyped up” in their play during the previous games, that they were due for a letdown. Did not happen! And like the OP, I have no idea how they continue to remain keyed up for each game. I do know that it is such a pleasure to see each player exactly where he is supposed to be and doing his assigned job on (almost) every play. How is this possible in such a short time with the new systems and no Spring practice (etc.) is a mystery to me, but gol-durn (toned down for a family oriented social board) it is fun to watch! Great to be sipping a little of ole Bluegrasshog’s elixer in celebration rather than to drown my sorrows over the past few years.

As noted, it’s coaching and having a good QB… how bad was the coaching under Morse, one of the most dynamic skilled players since DMAC, Burks didn’t score a touchdown in 12 games last year. Raw coaching ineptness.

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