OK, I am offically getting excited about this class!

I have always followed recruiting, but not nearly to the degree of many on here. Still, I have always known that it is the a big key to the success of the program - you know, Jimmys and Joes. I also, don’t get too caught up on the whole star thing, but there is no doubt that a whole group of 4-5* is better than a group of 2-3* (we saw that last week again). There is always that 2-3* that turns out to be great, but it is very difficult to hang a whole class on that.

Well, Arkansas is now putting together a whole class of those high stars with the 3*s being highly thought of ones. The class is now pushing top 10 with several to go (hopefully, some Olinemen and LBs). That bodes well for the future (need to do it yr, after yr in the SEC).

That brings us to the SEC. We can have a number 10 class and still be at the bottom of the SEC. OK, we all know that, but these guys coming can run with anybody and that gives you a chance. A big, big chance.

This staff gets it, you either “have speed or you are chasing it”. I am so tired of chasing it! I want to see them chase us some. They also know how to recruit and how to relate. That is where my excitement stems.

Hunter is big. Of course, it is so important to land a great player and he seems to be that. But, he comes from as big a Razorback family as there is. He is also from all reports, a class young man and good student (Stanford remember). Morris almost had to have him. You can’t miss on 5* Arkansas boys with his background. You just can’t.

Yep, I am getting pumped again after being down for so long. Wish this class could play Sat.

I am too Colorado am very excited about who we have committed! but would love some stud Ol recruits. we have are 3* guys and Anderson is too if we get him although I think Limmer is a stud and I like Anderson as well and Winkel from Last yr but we have to get top rated OL in here to go with all the other studs we are bringing in I was look at Tenn and they have a 5* and 2 4* and Mcbride as a 3* we need some bigtime OL…needs to be a major emphasis from here on out and LB too. but I love where we are headed very exciting!

I’m with you Jim. It’s exciting to see a staff that hauls the big ones in. Good days ahead IMO!

When a program actually cracks the top 10 in recruiting accross the board, usually there isn’t much difference between #5 thru #9 spots depending on a teams needs.

That’s the old Colorado Hog that I have known for many years!!



It sure is good to see Jim posting positively about the Hogs. He’s a discriminating fan.

And remember those poor vols have to wear that pitiful puke orange.