Ok, how in the world

does someone eat 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes? I would struggle to eat more than five.

Its called being a true Pig! :lol:

A buddy of mine met Joey Chestnut a few yrs ago. Much training is incolved

Would like to hear that. Seriously.

Indeed, how does one train for that? I’m sure he does, so I’d seriously love to hear the details…

They actually did a MTC True Life or something like that quite a while back (5 or 7 years maybe) and it showed insight on how those guys prepare for a professional eating contest. Its really interesting. They had Joey and the other Japanese guy that is always coming in 1st or 2nd.

They have specific work outs they use and they also have certain foods they would eat to stretch out their stomach.

I will just take my 2 hotdogs and some mac ‘n’ cheese and call it a day. WPS

Most would say my stomach is already stretched out and all the exercise I did was fork-to-mouth, but I couldn’t eat more than two hot dogs in 10 minutes! lol!

My buddy’s college aged son was out on Beale St a few yrs ago with his friends. They saw a guy stumbling drunk in an alley & recognized it was Joey Chestnut. They took him back to my buddy’s house to sleep it off. The next morning at breakfast Joey who told him he was on his way to Tupelo for an eating contest. He was an accountant but quit his job to travel the eating contest circuit. On his way to work my buddy’s wife called him to tell him that Joey had barfed on an antique rug in their guest room. The truth .