OK Hawg fans

Next 2 weeks and maybe next week define our season!

HUGE game next week. Thoughts??

They will exploit our defense. Secondary especially


I could almost stomach this game IF we would have gone up 21-7 last week. We win
Can we adjust and slow them down??

Miss State 329 yards passing. 144 rushing 6.9 per play.

US Passing 190 rushing 187 AV per play 4.4

Not good

The loss last week makes next week crucial. I didn’t expect to win today even though I hoped we show better than we did. I take some solace in the way we played the 3rd quarter, but Bama just has better players at every position. Plus, they’re deep enough to keep fresh players in the game. It looked to me like we spent so much energy coming back that when that QB made the long run in the 4th quarter we didn’t have the spark to come back.

But if we win next week, we can still have an excellent season. There’s not a team on our schedule that looks unbeatable. Unfortunately, MSU might pose the hardest matchup for us over the rest of the season.

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NEA it is a BIG, big game next week. If we lose that then it’s up to Muss.

What I have trouble understanding was tackling. PERIOD

I think next week’s game could be a track meet.


Miss. St. will pick us apart on defense.

Think we should forfeit?


Yes, I do. Put your thoughts on the line, rather than pick on someone else.

They stomped the Aggies. We have no defense. They will score at will. 44-31 MSU. Something like that.

It kind of depends on what the forfeit score is. If it is 6-0, that would be tempting. Would really improve our scoring Defense numbers.

Mississippi State will have at least 600 yards of offense against us. The only way we win is to keep matching their scores. I don’t think we have enough offense to hang with them.

Mississippi State will move the ball up and down the field because of the way they throw the short passing routes that I wish we would run a lot more of.
The key with them is how will we do once they get inside the red zone.We have been able to stop them the last two years when they got in there for the most part.

The best defense we have next week will be our offense grounding and pounding the ball and keeping the ball out of their hands.
I do think we can accomplish that if we will just throw routes to move the chains when we have to.

I would probably predict us to lose next week because I’m not really sure how healthy slusher is and I just don’t think we have the depth in the secondary to stop a pass offense that is extremely well ran by leach and the quarterback Rogers.

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Things are seldom as good as they look and things are seldom as bad as they seem. One thing for sure about football this season it seems to be up for grabs, once I saw Mizzou lead Georgia until the last 8 minutes of the game i understood anything can happen. We new this stretch of the season could be brutal and it’s shaping up to possibly be worse. At this point we don’t even know who our starting QB will be but we’re pretty darn sure who it’s not going to be! We have several injured players and they continue to start speaks volumes on the readiness of their back up I would think. We are up against and you come out fighting or you lay down, I don’t think this team is done yet. WPS


I think the first time something happens, they lay down. It started when Morris was HC and several of these kids are Morris recruits. A good coaching staff could correct that.

Leach and Will Rogers against our pass defense…not a fair fight. Our offense will have to win this game for the Hogs.

Yeah they’re going to complete some passes but they do that against everybody the key will be can we stop them when they get down close to the Goal line where there’s not as much room to run that short passing game they like to run


I think our next game will tell the story on where we are as a team, I not referring to a win or loss, just seeing if we make changes and come out fighting. WPS

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I haven’t seen the first part with this staff in three years, and with a Hog FB coaching staff in 7 (when the kids quit on Bert).

I do hope we see the second part, but I’m afraid the first part will kill the second part.