OK...got to say this

Sorry that it had to end as CBB seems like a great man and I appreciate the effort to run a clean program and build character, but…

sick of all the hypocrisy in all this…Booger McFarland criticizing it saying Ark cannot ever win a NC and we should have been satisfied with what we had BUT Booger would have been screaming for his head if CBB had the record at his precious LSU. Same for Dari Nowkhah - he would be screaming for his head if this had been his precious OU. They are acting like CBB is like a father of 4 who just lost his job at the paper mill and doesn’t know what to do next.

It all boils down to the fact that the ESPN swamp, some sportswriters, some SECN types were buddy/buddy with him because he gave them access, schmoozed them and stroked their egos. Was listening to Dari and Mel this morning (Mel is fine with it) and they had Booger on and Dari in introducing him said “you used to be Boog, or Boogalicious but now you’re Bristol Booger.” Those types and many in the media don’t like Saban because he is no nonsense. They don’t like Malzahn because he is no nonsense, didn’t like Butch Jones, Sumlin, etc. (they like Orgeron only because he gives good quotes and they think he is buffoon and like to make fun of him). Could you imagine Saban agreeing to a show called Being Nick Saban. So when the media is lashing out they are defending their friend but they are completely disconnected from the average rank and file Ark fan. JMO

Dari said on Bo’s Show he was closer to Bret personally than any other SEC coach.

Meh, it comes with having a very likeable coach. We had the opposite with Petrino while he was here. He was literally hated by everyone in the media. Especially national media.

It’ll pass. They’re human and Bret is someone they respect a great deal. Much ado about nothing.

CBB is always comfortable and confident around the media. He loves the attention and presents a high energy profile that few coaches can match. He seems to love every moment leading up to the actual coaching in a game but for some reason that energy/confidence doesn’t seem to translate on the sideline. Maybe this isn’t true but from this fan’s long distance snapshot seems to be the case. These air personalities are told over and over their opinion is gospel and they actually get paid to look like fools in their predictions week to week. Florida fires their coach with several games left after winning the East his first two years and we’re the bad guys… only ego drives this type of “talking down” to and about the low-life Hogs.

I think Bielema did a very good job at generating positive publicity for Arkansas – a big part of that is working the media – and he did a good job at that. But who cares what the media are now saying.

Remember they trashed Arkansas when HDN was let go, said we were the girl at the bar who thought she was a 10, but she was really a 6 or something like that.

Then 3 years later Petrino had us in the Sugar Bowl, and they were singing a whole different song about Arkansas.

It’s all about the wins. And BB did not get it done.

Even if you discount completely his first season – as Wally suggested – but take away that 0-8 first season, and Coach B is 11-21 in the S.E.C. – that is awful.

Arkansas has not performed this badly in the SEC since HDN ignited the turnaround in 1998 – that is reality – and it’s not acceptable.