OK gang, stadium's basically complete

Leave the construction cam post tacked on the board or take it down? If and when we start another facilities project, like Baum, it will likely be useful then, but I’m flexible either way.

I vote Baum.

Thanks for pinning it. I think I used that link twice a day for 2 years. I got hooked on checking the incremental progress. I say leave it up and repurpose it when the next big project starts.

one less post to scroll past to get to the new stuff.

But yes, please bring it back for future projects that DO have “cam capability.”

Thnx for asking.

It’s served its purpose. I’d say take it down. The link is to several UA construction cameras. We can still google it & find it if we want to.

If you’ve been there a couple of times you don’t even need to do that. I just type “oxblue” into my browser and it autocompletes the UA webcam site.

How long will the stadium pics remain on the site now that it is complete?

Thanks for posting that site. I looked at it frequently. I am not sure what value it has now that everything is done, but I still enjoy looking at it. My vote is to keep it through the football season.


Thanks, Swine, for having it so convenient. Like others, I have looked at it every day for quite some time. I enjoyed looking in on game day to see the fans and tailgate activity as time progressed. Plus I love looking at the stadium. I vote to keep it up…

That site still has the pics from the Jean Tyson Child Development Center which was completed in 2012, including the time lapse. So they don’t remove the old stuff.

Click “new posts” in the bar or dropdown at the top and you get taken automatically to the new stuff. So it ain’t much of an obstacle.

Please please leave it up for now. I go to it multiple times a day to get a feel for back home and just catch a glimpse of what is going on. I like being able to do that and appreciate you setting it all up!

It’s still up but no longer pinned. If enough people want it I’ll repin.

Apparently I didn’t get it unpinned after all. So it’s still pinned at the top.

Even better is the Unread Posts link. :smiley: