Ok, enough offensive players, defense wins championships!

Need some DL

Absolutely!!! 2 big run stuffing DT’s



We’re not done. Hang on…

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Agreed. Defense wins championships. Just ask Georgia.

Been waiting for some of those Jackrabbits to hit the portal.

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I suppose there is an SEC-type DL somewhere in America that has his life goal set on a Walmart Internship but it is taking a long time to find him.

I would settle at this point for George Santos to be recruited so long as he poses as at least a 4 Star Edge.

new and modified saying for pro level, defense wins championships and QBs win Super Bowls. Translate that to college for me .

Right after they won a 42-41 shootout with the Suckeyes. You gotta have both.

Lack of defense is why Ohio State didn’t win a championship this year. They could score on anyone, and did. But they couldn’t stop anyone. No defense and all offense is like “all hat and no cattle”. Doesn’t work for long.

Hope so. Asking for big, athletic DL is alot easier than signing them. Signing DL is easy. Signing really good ones? Hard.


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