OK Elmo, we are waiting to hear from you re:

our recruiting class!

He did post in the Hudson Henry thread before

I believe elmo got hisself banned…again. :sunglasses:

Yeah, this was no time-out.

If he did, most posters won’t care :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I’m curious, Marty . . . why he was banned this time. Other than being a huge troll, I didn’t see anything off the rails in his recent posts (and I just looked at them). Of course, some of them may have been removed (along with him). Did he send some nasty PM’s to someone?

I’m no defender of elmo. Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to put up with his one-trick act. But, again, nothing on the surface seemed to have boiled over recently that I can see.

CliffsNotes only.

Someone else made the decision, then discussed it with others. I’m supporting that decision.

Is he gone for good or just a few weeks ?

Was I on the cusp of banishment?

Not necessary for me!

What did he do to warrant banning?

Silly to ban someone because they are of a different opinion.

The others who argued with him were as rude as hell and giving as much as he did.

And still others saying people are stupid but they are still here

Elmo was not banned because he doesn’t like Chad Morris. Elmo was banned because he repeatedly violates the posting rules which are at the top of every board. Most recently an anti-gay slur which is specifically banned. And because he’s done it before he doesn’t get any more second chances.

I agree when it comes to posts about things that cross ethical lines that poster should be told to clean it up or be made to be suspended for a time until he or she can prove they can stay on topic without going to places that have no relevance.
Having said that, we as posters have the choice to not take the bait and get involved with a poster that has the reputation of being negative. It’s a personal choice which is one of the liberties that makes or country a great place to live.
We enjoy the freedom of speech even if it isn’t what someone else wants to hear, I don’t believe we want censorship of speech or the exchange of ideas on this forum as long as posters keep things clean and aren’t attacking anyone personally do we?
That’s the sort of thing we are witnessing in many areas of the country at the current time on college campuses where freedom of thought and speech are being attacked by those that don’t agree with differing ideas, it’s not healthy or good for the country.
We’re better than that.

Go Hogs!

I guess I missed elmos posts in question that got him banned, or they were removed beforehand.
If that happened & he was warned I understand.
I did notice in another thread where Swine said he still got thru after the ban.

Freedom of speech is a two way street. In my book, as long as you can take the same type of “honesty” coming back at you, you are free to express yourself any way you want within some very specific boundaries. Politics, religon, racial hate, homophobia, and attacking recruits are some expamples of boundaries.

Elmo’s obvious agenda only attacking Chad Morris should not go unchallenged. Apparently, he was not banned because he hated Chad and could not care less about the Razorbacks. He got banned because he really did not care if any of his comments were damaging to the Hogs or crossed the line into territory that is specifically prohibited. When he kept doing it he got appropriately banned. Running him off does not mean that freedom of speech is lost here. Just keep it sports oriented and respectful of children and their parents. JMVVVHO

It wasn’t my decision, but I did support it.

As I told him last Sunday, not liking the coach is not a reason to be banned. But the “crap” he was putting forth with the slur at others put him in danger.

Are anti-straight people slurs permitted?

Elmo was a jerk, but I didn’t let him bother me. I ignored him.

Elmo had some personal issues somewhere with CCM or AR brass or mixture of both.

I’m not going to try to defend enforcing board rules to you people. You agreed to them when you signed up, and if you don’t follow them, you’ll be out the door right behind Elmo. I don’t – can’t – read everything posted on all six boards. Neither can Marty or the other mods. If you think we need to take a look at something, report it. I will say that a lot of stuff gets taken down that doesn’t lead to a ban, but Elmo went way beyond the delete-post stage.