Ok. Be honest!

Who picked at the first of the season the hogs to be

0-4? Hopefully nobody did that. Little faith I guess? Or maybe a troll?

1-3?? Again little faith, or not much?

2-2 ?? I’m guessing a lot picked .500. Now if you could bat .500 in the bigs you would be a star.

3-1?? I’m guessing this tally or 2-2 were the favorite pick. Some faith but not even right yet. Maybe picking this because we were going to beat Texas at home. Or finally knock off that stupid Aggie.

4-0?? And your the winner. HOW did you know that? Drinking Kool-Aid is a possibility.

I did, last year reminded me of 97, and this year reminds me of 98. I’ve picked against us every week because everytime I pick us, we lose. But I would not be surprised to see us go into Tuscaloosa undefeated, and Bama having a loss.

Now, back to my jinx, GA 35 AR 10

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Baked….please keep picking against us…. :wink:


I don’t think I ever predicted the first 4 games as a group, but I’d have probably said 2-2 or 3-1. In August I thought we had a decent chance to beat Texas, but probably not A&M.

The next 3 games will be very hard. Of the three, AU will be the easiest. Gonna beat really tough to beat UGA and OM on the road. I don’t know how good OM is. They’ve won easily but against mediocre competition

Yes please Baked. Keep it up!

That’s exactly what I was thinking neastarkie!. WPS !!

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I actually thought we’d be 3-0 going into the TAM game and thought we’d lose to TAM then Georgia. I also thought Ole Miss was not as good as they seem to be now and figured we’d pick up a 4th win there to make us 4-2 at the half way mark. With one more rent-a-win left and MSU, I figured that would be 6 wins and with Auburn in Fayetteville (a 50/50 game) and then us due to beat Missouri I figured best case 8 wins this year… worst case 6 win with an actual finish of 7.

But I can honestly say I never expected 4-0 heading to Georgia. So happy I was wrong there.

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I didn’t consider 4-0 it appeared 3-1 or
2-2 was more realistic. 4-0 is awesome but we all need to be remain grounded!
These next 4 games are rough.
3-1 would be nice.
The schedule needs to be broke down by month
Sep 4-0
Oct. 3-1
Nov. 3-1
That would be awesome to get get to that point.
Georgia and Bama are head over heels more talented but our hogs are capable of beating anyone or being beat by anyone.

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