OK--- Back from the game again

Just some thoughts without reading 1 post.

#1 Informed some info on Nolan. So I changed that. I have the up most respect for NR. I loved how we played and what he did for our BB program. Actually I’m guessing it’s hard for him to watch what is going on today.

#2-- Total embarrassment. Out coached and out played in every aspect of the game of Basketball. Maybe just maybe we have some players that match Vandy but on the basketball IQ level they are a mile ahead of us. The very basic fundamental of the game we call Basketball. The coach with a white drawing board sending signals and with a flash of an eye what to run. The passing IQ of that team beats us by another mile. Setting screens, crisp passes and I’m talking like 4 or 5 on every possession. the open looks Vandy had was unreal. Yes we were lucky to beat them just a few games ago, but not tonight.

#3 Our press was like an open sponge, holes everywhere. A BB team with a high IQ, or a bunch of 5 star players leave us in the dust.

#4 This is the first time I have every said this but our coach has not changed since he left back with Nolan. Nolan made the NCAA change the rules of BB. I’m only 4 rows from the court and the fastest 40 minutes of BB is killing our guys. Not the other team. While shooting FT’s in the last 5 minutes it was our guys grasping our pants leaning over, and out of gas. I agree our players played hard BUT it’s simple to see why many choose not to buy or come to games. The product on the court lack a lot to be desired.

#5 It’s pretty easy to see coaches in all sports who are on the Hot Seat. To this point the reality that our coach Mike Anderson was anywhere near that point made no sense to me. But after the last 2 BB games it’s crystal clear to me now. I hate to say it with the 2 classes coming in but OUR coaches are NOT teaching the basic fundamental skills to play at a much higher level. I have never complained about rebounds buy our staff gets an F on the grading scale all the way back to Nolan’s days.

#6 I can tell you for a fact that Fans are not happy one bit. Now do they give big money? NO But the many people I have talked to the last 3 games are becoming fed up. I’m wondering if he has lost the team, and yes I was posting after the lasy Vandy game it seemed they liked to play together. Well, you can scratch the last 2 games.

NOT Good, dark days ahead if things don’t change in a hurry.

PS to add insult to injury I hit my head on the garage door hurry back in the house that knocked me to my knees. THEN walking down the stairs after the game on the last 2 steps I started to fall and lucky 2 friends caught me before I hit the bottom floor head first… JUST a bad day.

ALSO could a few give some thought and reply to this thread. As a 34 year season ticket holder it looks bleak.

Nolan was actually there until the game was over. He walked into the tunnel right in front of me and had some fan yelling, trying to get his attention.

Vandy does do a great job spreading the floor, forcing help and making the extra pass. I’ll be interested to see where he goes in the draft. Projected as a late second-rounder right now but he could be a 14th or 15th guy on someone’s roster with his size and shooting. I’ve really liked Payton Willis’ game for a few years now.

I was surprised there were as many fans as there were given what happened Saturday. I was not surprised when the boos broke out. That first 7-8 minutes was almost unbelievable.

CMA has got to let go of the 90’s rope. The game has passed us by. Does NR recognize CMA is in trouble?

Nolan stayed until the end. After the game, a fan got his attention in the tunnel and had a Hog hat for him to sign. Nolan went inside and found a Sharpie, signed it and returned it. Fan thanked him to great lengths. He said he drove from Little Rock. He said his name, but I forgot it.

But Nolan was there for every play of the game and stayed around afterwards. So that’s wrong.

And there number one scorer was out.

This post premise is not about NR. I changed that from my original post.

It’s about where we are today as a BB program. The house is starting to crumble and it’s just sad to watch.

I’m just frustrated and even though there is nothing I can do to change one thing I wish MA would do something.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And it seems the amber is beginning to glow and build up steam. Not Good.

You started your post with a comment that made it seem as if Nolan was giving up on Mike in your post so I think that is what most responded to in their replies.

If you hadn’t had that in there to start with, I think they wouldn’t have replied or replied differently.

Everybody’s frustrated. Nobody’s happy.

The only question is what is going to happen about it