Ok anyone else worried about Friday?

These 8/9 games are toss ups many times.

I don’t like distraction of end of Kentucky game stuff that is spilling into this week. Hope accusations against us re Vitale characterizations don’t linger.

And if we look ahead to North Carolina team we can be beat by a team that just took Villanova to the wire.

Not sure I’m liking the dynamics here.

But grateful to just be in the tourney again - phew.

Thrilled to be worried about a first round - ha

I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be worried that we might lose in a game that we are a 1 point favorite. When you are a 1 point favorite at a neutral site that’s basically saying you have a slightly better than 50% chance to win. I believe we will win, but realistically I know it’s a toss up. If anyone on the team is looking ahead to UNC (which I doubt) we will likely lose this game.

I want to see what kind of fire the Razorbacks have on Friday.

I think this whole Vitale and hard foul controversy is great for us. Mike can bring out the old Nolan line to our players that it is us versus the world. I bet we come out with our hair on fire.

I think Mike has been using that philosophy for several weeks now. I’ve heard multiple players reference it toward the end of the season.

I was thinking the same thing. Ever since Nolan left we have had a divided fan base. Even when Mike came back there wasn’t a 100% togetherness. Moses even spoke about people quitting on them this year when they lost to Missery and Vandy. However, I haven’t seen anyone that agreed with Dickie V. It seems the fans have united against BSPN’s most famous announcer. I think Mike can use it as fuel and you may see a big time response from our kids. I’d love to beat UNC and KY to make the FF. Then if Dickie V says anything positive about us, I want to see Mike stoop low and bring his comments back up to destroy Vitale’s legacy, but I know Mike will take the high road.

But you’re kidding, right?

I am absolutely worried.
Apparently SH is a rebounding machine.
We know what that can do to us.
It’s a toss up game

People talking about UNC are way beyond premature.

Turn your TV to SEC network Murray State vs Kentucky! The announcers have bashed Kingsley and compared his hit to one Bill Lambear would do.
As far as Seton Hall goes it’s a toss up and I believe we come out with a purpose and win by 25. Insult a player a make a team mad and then just by chance the team we are playing Dick Vitale pops up on line in a picture with a Seton Hall shirt! That’s the picture of the mouse!
This incident from Sunday is not over. Dick Vitale is accountable to his employer for his comments and everything that has transpired.
Mike Anderson is mad as well. You can attack him but don’t attack verbally any of his players!
Seton Hall will get the hogs primed and ready. It won’t surprise me to beat North Carolina as well. We will get no calls our way. We were sent to be fed to the Tar Heels. Instead of playing in Tulsa.

We will have our hands full with Seton Hall, we have to start capitalizing when we get a stop. If we get a stop and get a run out we can be pretty salty, but if we get a stop and walk it up the court and set up the half court offense we’re not so tough to stop, especially if we’re not red hot from 3 range. It appears to me that MA is getting the most from our talent pool, but we are not good on defense or rebounding or half court offense and it becomes obvious against elite teams. What we are good at is giving effort,hustling and exploding at times on the offensive end as we showed against Vandy last week. We have more speed and athleticism on its way with upcoming recruiting classes and then we should see a more all around team on both sides of the ball. It took me a while to realize that we have reached our potential with this team, I don’t say that to be critical but instead for it to be praise. To many teams never reach their potential or promise but that has not happened here these guys have give it their all. I was critical of MA at times but after reflecting on the body of work for the season he has done a exceptional job. We still have another chance to take another step with the possibility of becoming overachievers if we haven’t already. The think Monk done the other day was a young player making a bad decision just as we had a couple guy in the Belk bowl do the same and that poor decision will stick with them for awhile. Our players need to take the high road every time and if you do people will always look up to you and not down at you. Let’s get after them Pirates and keep moving forward ! WPS

David Worlock of the NCAA (who is a native Arkansan and used to work at Henderson State) told Bo yesterday why we got sent to Greenville. If they’d just gone on the 8 seeds in order of their rating, Miami would have been put in Greenville. But Miami is an ACC team, and two teams from the same conference (UNC) can’t meet before the Sweet 16. So they put Miami in Tulsa and put us in Greenville.

I don’t expect a walkover, but I think if we play our game it should be a 6-8 point win.

To beat Carolina, we’d need to play very well and have them help us a lot. Which can happen.

I feel the key to this game is how the refs call it. If we have a crew that nickels and dimes us, we could be in trouble. And, of course, we need to shoot like we did in the second half of the Vandy game. If we do, we’ll have a lead late and win it at the FT line…

I think any Razorback fan who is paying attention is worried about Seton Hall. I’d be worried about any opponent who is better than a 16 seed, but the difference between 8-9 seeded teams is virtually zero. We need to play our best game, hope our shots are falling, and hustle on every play.