Ohio State vs Oral Roberts

ORU beat Big Ten for Ohio State
75. 72
The mighty Big Ten has now lost 2 of their high powered great teams.

Michigan Stare last night
Ohio State today.
I wonder just how proud the committee is now. Over rated Big Ten.

Big bad big 10 0-2 :joy:

Kenpom had OSU 94% chance of winning.

This game was proof positive that the committee should never put any team as a 2 seed when they ended the regular season with 4 straight losses. On top of that, they also lost 8 League games.

Florida just got a huge break and an easy road to the Sweet Sixteen.

And our path to the Elite Eight just went wide open.

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Our game against TT is huge. Two weeks ago I just wanted to get to the Sweet 16 for the first time in forever. Now I’m looking at a great chance to get to the Elite 8 & a decent chance to get to the FF. Oh what a dream!

Yes your right. I just hope the hogs take it one game at a time and come out with a purpose against Texas Tech.
Florida might get pasted by ORU.

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Some overRated teams in the tournament from the Big-whatever. I think Alabama would wax the floor with tatoostate. Can we just beat TT and then have a rematch against either Florida or ORU?

We ain’t there yet, but if we take care of business our little trip to Indiana might extend into April.

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