Ohio State upsets #1 Duke

I only count 18 undefeated teams as December begins, and one of them is only 2-0 because of COVID (Wagner College). By January 1 there may not be any unbeatens.

So who do you have beating the Hogs in December? Oklahoma or at Mississippi State? Just curious?

Purdue, Baylor and Florida all have very favorable schedules. Texas Tech has to play Gonzaga.

Either one is possible. Ken Pomeroy’s projections have us losing a one-pointer at Starkville, and we typically don’t play well there. I will be pleased if the 0 is still after the hyphen on NYD but won’t be surprised if it isn’t.

Ha ha, I wonder if Kenpom is tailered to know if you are a pessismist or optimist, my kenpom says we are a one point favorite at Starkville. Said that earlier when I posted this and still says it now. . . .

Interesting. When I looked this morning, we were rated #25 and Moo U was picked by 1. Now we’re #24 and we’re picked by 1 at Stankvomit.

However, now that we’re only projected to lose four games on a game-by-game basis, the projected overall record at KenPom still hasn’t changed – 23-8.

Scratch Florida off the list…

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